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lekisha kelly - 2010-03-27
I just bought a silver shark today and I have other fish in the tank, it's only about 5 cm now but I'm a bit worried what to do with it when it gets bigger, my tank is about 50 cm wide.

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  • nm123 - 2011-11-09
    As long as you have about a 55 gallon tank you don't need to upgrade it I have mine in a 30 gallon but he's tiny he's probably going to be the only one living in it in about a year.
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Bob - 2012-08-05
Can they be in a 10 gallon tank with platies?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-05
    No not realy, 10g is too small just for the danios.  Figure at least one gallon of usuable water for each inch your fish(s) are going to be as adults.  So if you have a 50g you would need to subtract about 5 gallons for filer, substrate,plants etc so you would have approximately 45 usable gallons.  10g is just too  small.
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Fish_Lova12 - 2008-10-19
I have had my Tin Foil Barb, Cosmo for a little over a month and it has grown really fast and bites my Spotted Silver dollar, but hes still alive. My Red Platy is dying, I think because of my tin foil barb. The red platy's tail is all messed up. I recommend this fish for a big tank like 30 or 40 gallons. Cosmo is fun to watch, especially when he eats. Sometimes he'll splash me. But, I'm gonna get rid of him this week. Any suggestions...

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  • Prabha - 2012-02-02
    Buddy I gave him at the the same pet store in which I bought him a year ago....He was 3 inches when I bought he is 8 inches. :) He killed every fish I kept with your surprise he even killed my oscar too....stupid fish....Get rid of him first otherwise your precious silver dollar will be dead....his way of attacking is way more better...first he will bite off other fishes eyes and then he will target fins...then the end
  • Paulm - 2012-08-04
    Tinfoils need to be in a group, otherwise they get insecure and aggressive. The same goes for tiger barbs. If you have three or more of them, they will stay busy with each other and not pick on the other fish.
mark - 2012-02-15
These fish are a shoaling species that should not be kept alone, they need to be kept in a group. Beware... these pictures do not show B. schwanenfeldi, they show B. altus

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    Yes, like the Red-tailed Tinfoil Barb B. altus, the B. schwanenfeldii do like to school. The individual in the photo above was submitted by a photographer from Thailand. It is most likely a juvenile that's not yet developed the black shading, or possibly it's an albino or gold colorform. The picture toward the bottom of the page is a B. altus.

    If anyone has a picture of a specimen showing the normal adult colorform (shaded tail and dorsal fin and black lines on the upper and lower portions of the caldal fins), we would love to feature your photo here.
  • nishith - 2012-05-05
    How much time will the tin foil barb fish take to grow from 2 inches to 8 or10 inches?
  • Paulm - 2012-08-04
    We have had a group of 5 tinfoils that we purchased from Petsmart two years ago. They were under 2' when we bought them. They are currently about 4' long and seem to grow at a moderate pace. They are very social, very pretty, very healthy and get along with our bala sharks and tiger barbs just fine. The only time we have issues is when someone gets sick or injured....then they get beat up a bit... We really enjoy them, but make sure to size your tank for what they 'could' get to be!
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Tristan - 2012-07-29
Can I put red-tailed tinfoil barbs with malawi cichlids?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-30
    Your barbs would probably not hold up well unless much larger and a huge school.
  • Tristan - 2012-08-04
    And how long do they take to grow?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-04
    Depends on feeding and tank size.  Even if the same size these cichlids can be a too aggressive for a barb.
carolyn - 2010-10-07
We have two red tail tinfoil barbs and they are 10 + inches in a 12 gallon tank, I don't know what to do with them will they live in a pond? Petsmart won't take them back and I've tried to give them away.

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  • Alan - 2011-01-02
    Please put them up as free on Craig's List or FreeCycle. Somebody will claim them, but you cannot continue to keep them in a very small tank. As a temporary holding tank, you could purchase a large plastic clear tub for very little cost but you will have to do a lot of water changes since you do not have the filter, and hopefully your house is kept at a constant temperature.
  • George - 2012-07-04
    Ask petsmart to help you find a home for them and they will. My petsmart always helps me.
  • mavis wallace - 2012-08-03
    Hi Carolyn , my name is Mavis Wallace we have a fish tank 120 gallons or so.  Maybe u can get a bigger tank or I can keep them for u. I have two in my tank Bill and Willie and they are both tin foil barbs. u can e- mail me Mavis hope to hear from u !!!!!!!
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Kristie - 2012-07-21
I just started my tank over, I'm new at this! I bought 4 tiger barbs a few days ago and two of them always seem as if they are fighting. They will almost look like they lock together at the mouth and spin. I don't know what they are doing, does anybody elses fish do this?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-22
    More then likely domance fight.  Try to add a few more.
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George - 2012-07-04
I have 6 Tinfoil Barbs in a 55 gallon Tank that I purchased from wal-mart. They are orange with orange eyes, how big will they really get?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-05
    It is recommended that you have them in 100 galon tank and you have 6 of them.  They would normally grow to about 8 inches but when a tank is too small or there are too many fish in the tank, you run the risk of stunting.  I'd look at the above article in Animal World - 6 seems like quite a few for a 55 gallon.
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Doug - 2009-03-13
Don't know why it's not on here but zebra danios will kill neon tetras. I have had fish for 15yrs & every time I put zebras in my tank they kill my neons. It's happened 6 differnt times. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • chad - 2010-02-19
    I have 4 glofish and one zebra danio. I recently added one glow light tetra and it was very calm. I thought these fish would get along, but now two days after I buy the tetra; I come home and my glofish had killed my tetra.
  • Gord - 2010-04-21
    I have had the same experience. I have introduced neons to a community of danios and bloodfins twice, and the neons disappeared within a two or three weeks. I would advise against trying to house them together.
  • caity - 2010-05-24
    eeee really I have not got them yet but I am getting soon. Do the zebra danios eat the neon tetras I have them :(
  • lps - 2010-07-25
    I'm having that same exact problem! How do I stop it from happening?!
  • w. r - 2011-01-16
    Yes, I first started my new tank with 1 zebra danio and yesterday I bought a neon tetra soonest I put it in the tank the zebra started to chase him, I return it to the store and came with another zebra and the biggest one started to chase the small zebra, are this fish crazy or what?, I think that they might need xanax.
  • Alden Finnie - 2011-09-10
    Wow, That's weird. I have 18 neon Tetras and 6 Zebra Danios. They get along fine and it's been 8 months. The Danios only seem to harmlessly bother each other. Chasing each other in a big circle around a rock.
    Thanks though. I'll keep an eye on them.
  • carla - 2011-09-15
    Hi I would just like to say that I disagree with you, as I have danios and tetra living together, and have had no problems. They are highly compatable. Mine have been living together for over 6 months and are very happy together,
  • Anonymous - 2011-10-18
    We have had 2 danios in with our tetras for over a year and there has been no problem. The male danio chases the female and the tetra very aggressively, but that is all.
  • Kim - 2011-12-01
    I have 8 big zebra danios and I had 24 neon tetras, I now have 7 neons left! I had never thought of this before, but they are the only fish big enough to eat the neons, so it has to be them! Damn it they have decimated the neons, going to have to sell the danios I think.
  • Tanya Altice - 2012-02-20
    When I had my tank I learned that a) you have to provide schools for each fish danios like at least 5 like fish in the tank. Neons like even more than that. b) generally you buy neons very small! and and small new fish don't do well with established bigger fish. So I would say get a small 5gal tank and set it up for a school of about 8 neons and let them get bigger than what you normaly buy them. Then put them in your tank with the others and give your danios some friends to play with so they will leave the others alone. Also neons aren't very hardy. I have had several trips around and around with neons where they simply die within a week of buying them. So be prepared to spend some time building a good school of neons.
  • Alonzo T. Fells II - 2012-04-15
    I have to disagree with that. I had group of 5 zerbra danios and they never had bother the neon or the rest of mine tetras. Yea, a little bit of fish nipping but they play tag with mine rams lol
  • Maeve - 2012-05-20
    Oh, really? I didn't know that. Do danios get along with goldfish?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-26
    Zebras Danios are famous for stressing and harrassing other fish.  They are small but they are very fast swimming and in groups this can be taken as aggressive and make others stressed.  Neons are easily stressed.
  • aiden - 2012-06-26
    i just put 10 neons in my tank with my 2 zebra danios, (there were 3 but the others bullied the smallest until it died) 3 hours later the first neon is dead and they're trying hard to single off another!
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Znaika - 2012-06-19
I have a school of 9, bought separately 7+1+1. Interestingly enough, 7 keep together most of the time, whereas two (I suspect the two bought separately) tend to keep alone or with one another, but rarely join the 7. These fishes are very shy compared to barbs and like to hide in upper levels of vegetation at any sign of outside movement.


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