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janek51 - 2007-11-15
I got five of these rasboras, as well. They were in a tank at the LFS with a hodgepodge of fish, all priced at $2 a piece. They were washed out and I thought they were red-lined rasboras, so I got them to add to my school. Anyway, I got them home and as they colored up a little, I could see they had a gold line. The black line colored up as well. After trying two other tanks where they didn't seem happy, I finally put them in a 20-gallon with some checkered barbs and harlequin rasboras. Then they settled down and their colors came out in full glory. I think these fish are real beauties. The color combination is great, so I think I really lucked out by mistake.

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jenni - 2007-10-16
If you are looking into getting an albino tiger, get one! I think they are very different grom normal tigers because they are not as mean and nasty to other tank mates. I have two with two red fined sharks, platy, guppies, mollies, and heaps of loaches and catfish. So get some! i get all my fish from pets on tingal, they are great and cheap! bye jenni

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ROSIE - 2007-10-09
I adore my cherry barbs. I started out with 10 hoping to have a nice school of them. However, most didn't survive and I'm still not sure why really. I think it was some kind of sensitivity to some medication.

Currently down to a pair, a beautiful red male and a fat'n'sassy female. They take good care of each other and spend alot of time doing their own thing too. They're not shy now that they have been established for about six months. ^^

They share their space with four otocinclus catfish, a Neon tetra, and six newly added Serpae tetras. The Serpae took a liking to them, in fact and I think it helped make their introduction to my tank much smoother. I believe it is because of the similar coloration (red with black), but it is just an observation.

To anyone thinking of getting Cherry barbs I highly recommend them! They are fun, beautiful, peaceful and interesting fish. ^^

tom - 2007-10-03
I have a 10 gallon tank and a 20 gallon. in my 10 i have 2 and they have been living perfectly for the last 5 years.

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Anonymous - 2007-09-09
My newly added fish ended up dead. I saw my Chinese algae eater attacking my small cat fish so realized that he is the problem. He was ok for about 5 months and then went on his killing spree of all new fish. Very bad.

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chun - 2007-09-05
Even though its not recommended to have tigerbarbs with angel fish, I haven't had a problem yet! The only reason I think that there isn't any problems is because the angel fish is over 5 inches in size, so they are intimidated by its size. They still generally leave each other alone.

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Jim Rivest - 2007-08-28
I have 3 Bala sharks. When we bought them we had no idea they would get so large. They have grown as if on steroids. The largest is about 8" long the other 2 about 6" long. I have to find them a new home now, as they are only in a 55 gal. tank. That is what led me to this web sight. I also have 1 large cichlid and 2 smaller cichlids. The sharks eat pellets voraciously along with flakes, krill, tubifex, and bloodworms. I think they would eat a quarter-pounder with cheese and fries (super-size,of course!),if given the opportunity. They are extremely hardy and not aggressive, but given the tank size cause me to do frequent water changes even though I have an oversized filter (for a 110) and undergravel filtration with oversized powerheads. We have grown to like these fish alot and I know we will miss them, but a larger tank just isn't feasible for us.

MissPrincess - 2007-08-20
This last Sunday I purched two bala sharks and am looking up all my fish to know a little more about them. I didn't know that they were an endangered species, Wow. This site is very helpful and the information is great. Thanks Miss Princess

Sasuke Uchiha - 2007-06-24
This site helped me alot! I never knew that you could feed them little vegetables. AND I never knew that Bala Sharks where endangered... And that they can get up to 14 inches. I have a 5 gallon tank with 3 Bala Fish in it, but the are only about 3 or 2 inches. I better go get a bigger tank... I'll go get a bigger tank within the week. THANKS!

Grace K - 2007-06-23
Thank you so much for this internet site. It helped me alot. One of my Bala Sharks is pregnant and I have no idea what to do, so I might call my dogs vet and ask for help. But your other information was very clear.


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