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tropical man - 2010-01-21
Hi there, 1 of my green tiger barbs is acting strange. It keeps flapping round the tank like its in pain or something like that. Anyone got info on why its doing it? plzzz

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  • Genevieve - 2010-05-24
    Hi, mine is acting strange too since 2 days, it turns around itself and tries to hide into plants. I have 3 other tiger barbs and 3 tetra. I don't know what started it but one of its fin had been nibbled.
  • zwillieYEAH - 2010-10-14
    It happened to one of my tiger barbs before. If one of your tiger barbs is just staying in one place and wiggling it's fin every now and then and it's barely moving elsewhere in the tank then it's probably going to end up dead a couple days later. Chances are this usually happens in the first couple of weeks when raising tiger barbs and then rarer after that, the weaker ones usually die out first and the others survive. Your tiger barb most likely couldn't fit in with the rest of the pack and was left out, sometimes they will stop eating and starve to death. My recommendations are to keep the water quality as clean as possible and keep the temp between 72F - 82F if it is already not, and it may return to normal but those chances are very slim. Make sure you keep your school to at least 6 or more.
  • Craig - 2011-05-19
    Hi, I have a tiger barb who is doing the same thing, he swims around the tank always looking downwards and moves in a flicking motion. I jokingly say he has epilepsy. Does anyone know what this could be?
  • Mik507 - 2011-08-12
    Don't know maybe he's exploring if he's new
  • Mik507 - 2011-08-12
    Ya know Willie reminds me of my most favourite green tiger barb lasted for exactly a week. He died so fast, wonder how he's doing up there (Heaven)
Mik507 - 2011-08-12
I have a green tiger barb now. One died before this and I dont want to loose this one so then I was checking on him and his colour faded/changed so I was worried?? plz help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-12
    If your fish is fading consensus seems to be the water condition, nitrates, stress or the age of the fish as they have a tendency to fade with age. Check the water - nitrates. The Tiger might be stressed just cuz of moving and will take time to adjust. It was also suggested to feed blood worms to bring out the more vivid coloring. It was also stated that low man on the totem pole is faded - again stress and not much you can do about that. Someone has to be top dog and someone has to be low dog. Way of the world. Most say condition of tank and water ----
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lola - 2010-08-02
I would definitely agree, that rather than being good community fish, they are a semi-aggressive, fast moving fish that can be kept with other fish if they are of a similar size and temperament. I would recommend keeping a school rather than just a couple, that way any aggression is spread out. I have six which are living very successfully and peacefully with the same number of giant danios. There is some chasing, but no fighting, and everyone's fins are intact. Mine have proved both hardy and fun and will eat from my hand.

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  • Frank - 2011-08-09
    I was thinking of adding a few to my American Datnoid, Black Diamond Cichlid, Parrot Cichlid, Polypterus bichirs, Redtail Shark. I'm guessing this will be OK? I want them more as a dither fish. Im kinda worried about my Ghost Knife tho since it's only 5 inches at the moment.
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DebbyB - 2011-08-08
I have 6 in my 30g-Long tank. It's planted with Amazon swords. They coexist with a beautiful blue betta and a snail. I agree that they are easy to care for. I'd like to pick up some more if I can find them. I stumbled upon these about three years ago. None have died at this point. They seem to be very vigorous fish.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-08
    Works for me - great glad
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Kevin - 2011-03-11
?Will my tinfoil barbs Be ok in a 190 ltr tank?

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  • Zohar Kiaav Kowlesar - 2011-06-26
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heather - 2011-03-17
I made the mistake of buying two of these fishes, the store said they would be fine in my community tank, over the last 2 days I have had all of my fish turn up dead. I don't want these things anymore and was wondering if they could survive in my grandmothers outside pool? I want to be able to own fish again.

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  • jimmy - 2011-06-10
    Hi, I have 2 algae eaters. Each in their own tank with a female betta. The one algae stays on the bottom of the tank and the younger sits on plant leaves on top of the water. Part of the fish is out side of the water. This one swims next to the female betta like it has the hots for her. The other algae eater in the other tank stays away from the other female betta in that tank. Both tanks have pump water and same types of plants. I do not know it they are female or male AE's
Tiffany - 2011-05-05
I have 2 of these, one grey and black (2 in) and one golden (1.5 in). They live happily with my 4 red belly piranhas in a 55 gal. They seem to like a diet of algae and the meat left overs from the piranhas. They just had close to 50 fry, which was a little bit of a shocker to see a bunch of stuff floating in the water and then realizing they were fry. lol.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-05
    Sounds like you are having fun.
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markanthony - 2010-11-13
Hello, my name is mark and I have two tin foils myself. My comment is, I'm curious to know the sexes of my barbs. I have an idea but, need professional knowledge. I purchased my tin foils as babies (about 2") and still have them 5 years later. They are doing great.....I just want to know if I have a male and female. Please help? Thanks, mark.

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Ann smart - 2011-04-01
My tinfoil barbs bobby, cobby, jobby (I like ryhmings) all have a deep personality like the main character tophero, from Tophero son of smilodon (Top Hero)....

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Ann smart - 2011-04-01
My tiger barbs sonney is a great fishy because of his deep personality like the book Top Hero, Tophero son of smilodon.


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