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The White-Tailed Brichardi is absolutely one of the most elegant of the Lake Tanganyika cichlids!
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andrew brown - 2009-11-01
I have a 50 gallon tank, how much fish can I put in there (cichlids). I love those fish. I also have a large female 5 bar and a lot of other fish, do u think it would be a wise idea to get a male 5 bar.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-28
    Rule of thum is 1 inch of adult fish for each usable gallon of water.  If you have a 50 gallon tank - you have to subtract usuable gallons for filter, subtrate, decorations etc so you probably have about 45 usuable gallons.  So 45 inches of adult fish all together when adults.  If fish are 5 inches as adults - you can get 8 (maximum 9) fish for the tank to insure healthy conditions for the fish.