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Named after the state where it originates, the Texas Cichlid is the only naturally occuring cichlid from the United States!
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Trish - 2004-09-29
I have a texas cichlid which is now about 7 yrs. old and 10" long absolutely beautiful. blue dots all over him. looking at him I would describe him to be velvety as opposed to scaley. one heck of a dog like personality. he lives alone in a 100 gal. tank and he will follow me back and forth along it. sometimes i think he wants me to rub his belly.

michael - 2004-03-17
Texas cichlids have the same doglike characteristics as an Oscar if they are fed a good diet and given good water conditions. Mine is about 6 inches total and I have had him for 3 years. He is also one of the most beautiful aquarium fish available. My wife says it looks like he has green jewels all over him. Mine is not as aggressive as stated here, he gives a display (fins all the way out and shaking , as other cichlids do) but doesnt usually follow through with violence.