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  The Tanganyikan Goby Cichlid is said to be one of the oldest fish species!
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john curry - 2011-07-09
Thanks for the in-depth info about this species. One question - this is one of the few places that I have read that these gobies are omnivores that can tolerate being fed brine shrimp. Several other sources have said that this can cause digestive problems.
I just bought some gobies for my Tanganyika tank. All other inhabitants thrive on live food - I feed brine shrimp once every three days and cichlid flakes the other two. You don't think that this will cause them problems?

Thanks! - John

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    No, you shouldn't have any problems. The Animal World owners have I would think 50 years between them in experience in raising all sorts of fish, as pets and commercially and I have never found them to be in error.
    Paul Loiselle furthur writes in this article

    "Equally amazing is the sight of a goby cichlid holding position in mid-water through strenuous exercise of the piscine equivalent of the dog paddle as it snaps up live brine shrimp".
ken - 2011-03-15
First of all gobies are not that hard to find on the internet and a price range is more like 4-$15.00ea. And Tangs are not that sensitive to water changes never ever had any problems even with 50 percent water change, just age the water and make sure it's within 10 degrees.