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The Salvini Cichlid is known for dramatic changes in coloring over its life and becomes intensely attractive, sporting a very deep yellow with black markings!
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paul - 2005-09-06
"Must be some kind of African cichlid, sure is pretty though."
was what i heard from an employee at a local petshop. Since he
couldnt find the exact name or price for this pretty lil fish,
he wrote it for a whopping 2 dollars. After researching the shape
and color variations it had to be the Salvin's cichlid.
I keep him in one of my 29 gallons with a black shark, a green terror, 2 convicts, a jack dempsey, a bristlenose, and a common pleco. He is one of my favorites already.

Bryan Johnston - 2004-10-02
I have six salvinis, 2 males and maybe four females. one pair is quite a bit larger than the other four fish. Anyway, they are in a tank with convicts angels, clown loaches, and two red head cichlids.T he largest male is the dominant fish in the tank but hes no killer except with feeder fish and insects. When he gets his treats he is deadly. Right now the 2 larger females seem to have territories at each end of the tank. The adult male still has full control though. I will post more here when they breed. They are stunning fish. id reccomend them to anyone interested in keeping cichlids