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The Salvini Cichlid is known for dramatic changes in coloring over its life and becomes intensely attractive, sporting a very deep yellow with black markings!
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Denise - 2007-08-30
i bought a pair, and they did breed. it was interesting and now i have like 100 or more little fish in my tank, which is great.

kelvin - 2007-08-28
hi, i have bread salvins for 2 yrs. beware, very aggresive when they are mating and when the eggs have hatched. i recommend not to keep with any other species of fish as they will gang up on the other species, i've tryed it. lol

RAJESH - 2007-08-23
I have almost 15 pair of Salvini, but they haven't killed any of my other fishes in the aquarium, which is morphs, blood parrot, and firemouth. I have a 4 foot huge tank. They are a bit aggressive, but have not killed other fishes.

Kevin - 2007-08-05
An experienced keeper of Mbunas and Peacocks I decided to venture into something different. Enter the Salvini. At 2 1/2" each, my bonded pair definitely will not tolerate others of their kind in their space. They are not too keen on the cories that share their tank, but they are getting along okay. The African Butterfly that patrols above them seems to be their friend as they eat side by side with no aggression from either. I really like these fish and would recommend them for anyone looking for something different. They are not delicate and it is fun to watch the pair interact. I cannot wait for them to breed.

KEVIN JACOBS - 2007-08-02
I just acquired a pair of Salvini. I purchased the male about a week before the female. A mistake easily fixed by confining the dominant male to a small area of the tank for a few days. Now the pair have bonded. They share the tank with an African Butterfly and two Cory cats. They don't mind the butterfly but they are not too keen on the cories. The only other thing they don't seem to like is me. When I get too close too quickly, they defend their tank! I love them. They are beautiful showing full color at 2.5" in length. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants something different.

Anonymous - 2007-02-24
A Salvini will kill everything in a 20 gallon tank because its to small for anything else. Any Medium to Large cichlid in a tank that small will almost always kill or attack any other thing in such a small space.

Anonymous - 2007-02-01
Salvinis are my absolute favorite cichlid! They are one of the most colorfull cichlids Ive found. Ive had cichlids for about 10 years, both african and south american. I prefer south american they seem to be less aggresive, dont kill each other off. I have a 55 gal with 15 fish and have had none killed off in the last two years. Mostly salvini, 2 firemouths, 2 Turquois Sevrum, 2 red devils. I dont think the Salvini are as agressive as people say.
I would highly recommend these to any aquarist.

Anonymous - 2006-08-10
I had two salvinis (salvinii) in a tank with two blue gouramis, a moonlight gourami, a giant upside down catfish, and two very large plecos. The only thing the salvinis ever attacked was each other. One ended up killing the other. They were both 5 inches long. The surviving one never hurts any of the gouramis, I am surprised, but happy.

Anonymous - 2006-06-04
I had a Salvini in a 20 gal tank and he made a mess of my aquarium. He was actually fun to watch. He would spit the gravel to the other side of the aquarium. I just moved him to another tank because he keeps killing any fish I add to the tank. This is the only web site that said they weren't aggressive! They are killers!

Anonymous - 2006-04-18
i have a salvini in my tank and have kept it along with blue and yelow auratus, a pair of parrots, a pair of tiger cichlids, zebra, blue morph, red belly pacu, and many more cichlids. My salvini has started laying eggs and today. i saw 100s of fries in the tank. now they are very fierce and protect the fries. the tank is now in 2 partitions, one is guarded by the salvini and the other cichlids stay on the other side. they are pretty good fish and colourful while mating.