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The Red Zebra is one of the most popular and commonly kept of the African Cichlids!
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lighteningcrash - 2012-09-22
i have varied quantities of these fish available,(have oxygen,bags,boxes and can ship) red by blue,(sexable from birth)

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  • Mark Fuentez - 2014-02-25
    Do you have some males for sale I would like to buy some. Do you have other mbuna for sale?
lew - 2011-08-06
I am in dire need of females red zebras. I have bought a dozen or so localy and turns out they were all males. I hate seeing them tear each other up.

quicky2g - 2011-01-18
I have 2 of these in a 75 gallon, 1 in a 20 gallon long, and an orange blotched (OB) one in a 29 gallon. They are all very healthy, lively, and fun to watch. The 2 in the 75 gallon have had trouble getting bullied by similar sized african mbuna's but after shifting a few fish around things seem to have calmed down. Overall these are great fish for beginners to advanced. They are very easy to keep and have a great color!

Jeff Harma - 2011-09-02
I have one orange in color, red zebra, had belief originally a male, from store, now has brood in mouth, for one week. Other two male Cynotilapia afra, mbuna cichlid in 90 gal. tank, which may have fathered. I did not witness breeding, so awaiting to see if, so I've read, 20-30 fry, with zebra mother being watchful of the fry.

Chrissi - 2008-01-11
The Red African cichlids are definitely some of the most interesting fish I've ever seen!