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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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chris - 2007-02-02
I have a 10 inch Red Devil who I love and have had for about 6 years know. His name is buttercup. I named him this so people would get close to the tank and say "ooohh Buttercup is so cute" then get a face full of the meanest fish I have ever seen. So far it is working. When he was smaller he finished off a Jack Dempsey. He grew up with a pleco sucker fish who he finally dispossed when it out grew its hiding spot, then it attacked the hiding spot for hiding it so long. My girlfriend put another sucker in the tank about a year and a half ago and I was able to find a big enough spot for it to hide, it is still alive but not the best life. It is almost the same size as the Devil and wedged under a log, under constant surveillance. We love this Fish, Buttercup the Red Devil, and He hates anything with a pulse. I wouldn't change a thing.

JuneK> - 2007-01-26
I unknowingly got a baby red Devil about 3 years ago. It grew pretty fast and is now about 7 inches long and as thick as my hand. Last year an undetermined resident of my tank laid some eggs but they never hatched. I had one other mild mannered cichlid in the tank then but it was some kind of blue colored african cichlid. In recent months my red devil killed off all other residents of the tank and has been named Hannibal. I dont want to get rid of him/her because its just such a cool fish. I still don't know the sex of this one but I'm watching to see if a forehead bump is starting to form on his head.

Debarghya - 2007-01-24
Fantastic site! Lots of useful information, but some species are missing. I was looking for some info on Severums and sharks but didn't find any. How ever, it is no doubt a great site to book mark.

norman - 2007-01-02
Ive had my red devil named Bruce for about 5 years. He went from a pale white to a bright orange. He is about 10 inches and still growing at this point. He is in a 75 gallon by himself and doesnt like to be bothered by anyone except me when I feed him. Otherwise he doesnt even really like me all that well. My best advise to all is to keep that water clean and keep your fingers away from the water. otherwise enjoy!

Damien - 2006-12-31
I had a red devil for 5 years. It grew from a baby to 12 inches. At first it was very teritorial and smart. It would eat pellets right out of my hand! After moving him to a 90 gallon tank, he would let other fish exist in the tank. My red devil was a very intresting fish to own and very entertaining!

Gary - 2006-12-24
I have a 240 gallon tank with 4 oscars each one over 10 inches, 3 red devils each one over 10 inches, and 3 of these long blue fish called texan somethin like that. im not a fish person, i just enjoy watching them gulp down 1000 goldfish a month my fish store friind supplies me weekly, hah

Ashfakh - 2006-12-09
I have a Rad devil from 6 months of about 6 inches. A great fish to keep but ensure you keep them single. Its great to see the fish kept in a big tank. Its loves to see you sitting beside the tank and play with it by moving your fingers over the glass surface. A great fish for fish loves.

Troy - 2006-10-07
I just got my Red Devil a few weeks ago and it was an awesome pale pink colour. It has just started to mottle black along the fin edges. It's pretty happy with my oscar, 5 bala sharks, 1 pleco, 3 silver dollars and a tinfoil barb in a 540 litre tank.:)

marz - 2006-10-04
I have a baby red devil about 3 months old and a parrot cichlid (5 months old) they seem to get along okay so far. I love both of the fish as they are very commical and enjoy the space of the 60 gallon tank they are housed in. I had a baby oscar in the tank too but the red devil stressed him so bad that I had to move him to a new tank. So only time will tell as to the aggression levels. I hope peaches is not going to be a nasty fish...

Mike - 2006-07-26
he is so aggresive because they do not want any one so they show them who is the boss.