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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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DOT - 2008-01-18
I am a mother of a 1 year old Red Devil. My kids think I'm crazy because I talk to Satan, lol, that's my fishes name. He has become part of my family. If I over sleep he wakes me by hitting the gravel against the glass. He really is a beautiful fish. Most people think he's a goldfish. I have not been able to touch him, he is still to aggressive. But he does know the difference between who lives in the hoome and strangers. He will attack the glass if he doesn't know you. He likes my granddaughter, when she kisses the glass Satan puts his lips to the glass as if to kiss her back. She loves to make him follow her hand up and down the tank. Keeping the tank clean is a whole other story, but I care enough about him, he's like my other child. [LOVE YA SATAN] DOT PROVIDENCE R.I.

brandon - 2008-01-09
lol, I have a pair that are about 1.5 yrs old now, they are about 7" long and breed EVERY 7-8 WEEKS, haha. I have so many of those things now I dont know what to do with them :)

christina - 2007-11-13
Well, I got my first Red Devil. He/She has no name yet and is only about 2". Hopefully he will not grow to kill his tank mate (a lrg just as aggressive Oscar-conviently named Oscar the grouch). They have been together for 2 weeks and get along great (probably b/c there is plenty of room to cohabitate). I love how interactive he is with me when i come home or go to feed them.

marielynn - 2007-08-16
i just bought 4 red devil fish and love them, but they are very agressive. yesterday i got up and found a bunch of eggs laying in the bottom and side of the tank where my big male dug all the gravel. i tried to put a nylon on the pump so that it doesn't suck up all the babies, and the female attacked my hand and made it bleed and bruised. if you go close to that corner she tries to scare you, so you dont go close. but no matter what, i fell in love with those fish after having oscars fish for couple of years. i think those one are the best, planning to have a super hugesfish tank builr in my wall, just try to find the right person to do it.

kayleigh - 2007-08-15
I had a fabulous Red Devil named "Coconut" for 7 years. He was the most interesting creature I have ever owned. I purchased him as a baby, about 1 and 1/5 inches in length. I bought him when I was young, and I really didn't know what I was getting in to. So he began doing what he did best, growing, ruining my tank decorations, and trying to attack me through the glass. I went through 4 different tanks with him, as I kept needing to buy bigger ones to accomodate him. I loved him! I never knew fish could have that much personality. Sadly, I lost him yesterday... he died in my hands as I was trying to revive him. He will be greatly missed.. The coolest fish I ever owned. I love you little buddy!

Sal - 2007-05-16
I too had a Red Devil (30cm). What an amazing fish. For regular aquarium owners, the red devil is as close as you can come to having an actual interactive pet eg: dog, cat, bird. My Red Devil was named Memnoch, after the devil in The Anne Rice book of the same name. And he was. The only two other creatures to survive any amount of time in the tank was a yabbie (just as nasty, use to hang off his gills and take a ride around the tank - really FAST) an a convict fish called Jock (who hid most of the time). He ate everything else. Including two oscars that I had just naively put in the tank, right in front of me. He knew when my husband was sitting near the tank and would splash him. He would kiss the tank wall at me and bite it at my husband and the dog. I could feed him by hand. He knew when you arrived home and usually sent out a bucket of water onto the carpet. He would move all the gravel to one side of the tank, just after you cleaned. He was an ass. I adored him. Unfortunately one night when we were in the middle of a move, the filter died and we had a massive nitrate bloom. We lost him. You rocked memnoch. What a top fish.

Anonymous - 2007-05-05
What a mess of humans! My Pinky Red Devil female was a stalker. I bought her for $2.27. She shared 2 years with us, but grew to a whopping porker of 3 pounds, 14 " long, and 7 inches tall. yup for real. I purchased her in 2005 and had no idea she was a she! We could feed her by hand and she waited for the family to return each day. Her appetite was enormous. We fed her raw chicken breast, fat, and thighs. she ate normal fish food too. Pinky was a superstar! One day, the tank had a blossom.........Nitrates. I did check each week. It happens. Our family pulled her out into a fresh water sink after a night of sideways listing. We cried and lambasted each other on our method of revival. She was doomed! Her delicate gills could not sustain the wash under the faucet to cleanse the bateria amd nitrates, Pinky sat in our palms as we washed her and submerserd her into clean water. She laid in our palms until she passed. After three hours of palpating and bathing, our family failed to revive her. She rests in the pet cemetary with our families other family pets.

Lisa Ann - 2007-04-29
I have a red devil named "Dozer" he is now 16 years old and this is a tribute to him. He lives in a 55 gallon tank alone as he chose this for lack of wanting any live friends in his tank. He is with out a doubt one of the most fantastic loved pets that has ever owned me. He is sort of like having your very own pet dolphin. He lets me drop food in his mouth, he plays with floating toys, he communicates, and knows his name. He is probably in his last year, and when he is no longer swimming we will miss him more than he will know. Thank you Dozer for being part of my life all these years, and entertaining us and all our friends and family, you could never be replaced!

MITCHELL C. - 2007-04-13
I have a red devil cichlid and he is a very large nasty fish. His name is Stryker. He hates me and everyone with a beating heart. His area is the whole tank and my entire bedroom. I have had friends come in to my room and they would freak out because Stryker would go nuts! He would ram the glas and flip his 4-pound cave over like we humans pick up a feather. After that happened, my friends would not want to go back in my room, that happened like a year ago. He is 8" long and about 5" tall. I have had him for a year or so. He is in a 55 gallon tank with two pleco's half his size and for some reason they are still alive. I have gotten bitten a whole lot of times and he got me to bleed pretty good all those times. I would tell anyone who has a 46 gallon or bigger tank to get this fish because these fish are cool, and very pretty fish with wonderful colors. Oh yea: If you keep your hands out of the Red Devil's tank then you are safe unless he or she jumps out of the tank.

robin - 2007-02-04
My Red Devil came to live with us about 3 or 4 years ago and was about 3 inches long. Today he is about 10 inches. When we got him he was housed with other smaller cichlids. He was the king of the tank but never hurt any other fish. Because of that we named him Delight. Now at 10 inches, there seems to be a invisible divider in the tank. He is fine with other fish and people as long as you stay out of his favorite areas of HIS tank. He loves me (for the most part) he is always excited to see me and greets me at the tank. He is however VERY agressive towards other people and will try to attack right through the glass. He is also very picky about his tank landscaping. He works daily to make sure all the gravel is placed right where he wants it. When I go into clean or straighten up his tank, LOOK OUT! He will and has attacked my hand. Even so, I still love him. He is such a personable fish. And no offense to other Red Devil owners, he is the best looking Red Devil I have ever seen, including all the show case Devils at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago IL. Happy Fishing!