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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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riley - 2009-02-11
Hey, my friend got a red devil about 2-3 inches. I have to admit they are rather beautiful fish. I keep a jack dempsey, a texas, and the wimp of my tank, a gold severum cichlid. lol

SHOTZYYY - 2009-01-31
I recently got back into being an aquarist and put an add in Craiglist for a nice 29 gallon tank. I just wanted a community tank. Well I got a nice tank with a great price but I had to take the fish that was in the tank, and that fish was a Red Devil. So I agreed to take him because my sister use to have one 30 yrs ago and I remembered it had a wonderful personality. I have had the tank and this crazy fish for two weeks now and I absolutely adore him. He's a great wet pet and he's still a juvenile but already developing his nice hump. I forget the name, noc... something or other. Anyway, I feel sad to those that recently lost their wet pets after so many years. I am sure it did leave a void in your life because they do require attention. And again I am sorry to hear it... Wish me luck on my new Devil. I imagine he will get a new 50 gallon by summer and I will keep the 29 and make it a community tank after all! Thanks for listening... If anybody want to be a pen pal to talk about red devils I would love to hear from you. SHOTZYYY1954@AOL.COM, SHOTZYYY IN MICHIGAN

Triple J - 2009-01-30
I have a Red Devil named Sunshine. He is about 12 years old now, and just in the last couple of months, he has developed "pop-eye". It is very sad to see him go this way, but I've tried everything to bring him back to health. He's been a great fish with lots of personality and is really familiar with all the normal routines, tank cleaning, and even netting! He is blind in one eye now, but I haven't given up. He now has a little friend to chum arround with. A 2 inch Frontosa keeps him lively, but not aggressive. Better that seeing him lying on the bottom, leaning his body against the glass. I'm so sad about it.

stephaun - 2008-08-06
I am a 12 year old fish breeder. I have a 75 gallon show tank. I have a female red devil that is eight inches long and a 13 inch male flowerhorn. They get along great they are working on there first set of eggs. I love the red devil because they are a unique and cool fish.

Leah - 2008-07-17
The average life span of a red devil is 12 years, and they and will eat everything in the tank. So long as you keep the water clean, 25% changes weekly, they live a long and happy life. Plus they are great companions. Like a dog almost. Great personalities and definately adopt the owner. I have to pet mine when I change the tank water or he gets angry and pops me!

k - 2008-07-07
I inherited a Red Devil when I got engaged. I really enjoy him and his personality. We almost lost him this winter when his heater stopped working right and we didn't notice it right away. He is healthy again and back to his usual habbits, moving rocks, splashing in his tank and bumping the plastic tank top. I am however having an extremely hard time keeping his tank clean. We wipe down the walls and change the filters often. It only takes less than a week and its green again. Any suggestions? OBTW he ate the pleco that we put in with him.

luisa cuesta - 2008-06-15
I have a red devil, I've had him for 15 yrs. I read your story and I had to respond. I was wondering if it was unusual to have a fish for that many years. Anyway I was cleaning his tank today and he started to tip down so I held him up with a net, and now he is staying up by himself but he is not swimming around. He is just staying in one spot and his mouth is constantly moving up and down. Please respond back, thank you.

ross - 2008-04-23
I had a Red Devil, whom had just passed. I got him when I graduated high school, and he did live up to 15 yrs. Just wanted to know if any body has (or heard of) any that have live that long or longer. Thanks, great fish and will get another. Wilmington NC

Daljit Singh - 2008-01-26
I have a red devil and I like it. It eats what ever you throw in the tank.

Red devil - 2008-01-22
I have a Red devil and it is very dangerous. Also it is wild caught, 16 inches monster. I am a monster fish keeper. I have 300 gallons and have real sharks and snakeheads. I also have a fish called wolf fish that is for sale for 300 dollars, and he is 4 foot long.