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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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Bri - 2010-01-03
13 years old, and nothing entertains me more than to watch my red devil and my jaguar and green terror SA cichilds eat.
All 3 live together like best friends in a 55 gal. Yea but again, I love watching them eat, I probably feed them to much.

Daniela - 2009-12-09
I had a red devil (spike) for fifteen years, 25 years ago. Was given a nice 55 gal. tank and have a new Red (Nemo) 3 months now, already grown 2 inches, and loves to eat. I keep his tank immaculate, is the biggest flirt. When I go to leave and put my purse by the door he gets so mad cause he knows I'm leaving, but when I get home he is the sweetest. I live on the beach and can't have pets. Nemo is the awesomest pet you could ask for. They do need attention...!

Dave - 2009-06-30
Got an 8.5" female devil and 9.5"-!0" male flowerhorn. She rules the tank. Only gets along with the 12" pleco and 3" giant danio. Anything else is just a toy.(a tasty one at that)

dre - 2009-05-20
I have a Red Devil and he is the coolest fish ever. Although he can be difficult to handle with other fish he is still my favorite fish. The first day my Red Devil came into the tank he quicky became king of the tank. The other fish tried to pick on him and they quickly learned quickly not to mess with him. This fish is awesome and I suggest getting one for yourself

ANTHONY WILCOX - 2009-05-10
I have 2 Red Devils, 2 Jack Dempseys, 1 Blue Devil, and 1 Oscar. All my fishes get along. My Red Devil Binky owns the tank and he kills other fish that I try to add to the tank. I tried to add a snakehead that was way bigger and my Red Devil killed it in less than 3 hours, and snakeheads get like 4 to 10 feet. The Snakehead was full grown. All my fishes are nice but I know not to bring new fishes into the tank that he's not familiar with.

misfitt - 2009-05-03
I've had fish my whole life, but this is new. I just got two 3 inch red devils and two 3 inch texas cichlids. Well the devils don't get along with eah other and the tex don't get along with each other. My smaller devil and larger tex seem to have paired off and vise versa. I think it's kinda cool. A friend had a devil and a convict that paired off and bred so it'll be interesting to see what happens with the 2 devil tex pairs I have.

Cleveland - 2009-03-30
My red devils are smaller than my oscars and way smaller than my silver dollars; however, they are bigger than my jack demps. I see my red devils and jacks sometimes exchanging food or whatever it is, mouth too mouth. I find that entertaining and funny, to me. They are so cool! They are aggressive, yet they have a kind side to them too.

Kevin Hoffman - 2009-03-25
I began with four red devils and the most aggressive one has finally killed the others off. I bought an oscar who was even larger than the red devil and I thought he would defend himself. He was killed off in just 24 hours! This is a beautiful fish but one of the most aggresive ones I've ever had.

helga;-]devil - 2009-03-25
My red devil lives with 2 oscars, 3 gourami +3 silver dollar. Yes he`s boss, but he`s nothing like the PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER type that everyone claims is 'the norm'. Am I the only person in the world with a peaceful friendly devil? Such a shame because he`s easily the smartest, funniest, and most amazing fish I've had.

brandon - 2009-03-07
I have had a red devil for about 4 months now and I kept it in with pink convicts, black convicts, jack dempseys, and an oscar. It killed one of my biggest pink convicts and he's going aggresively at every other fish.