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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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Wayne from Herndon - 2010-05-18
I first heard about Red Devils from my sister that has two, she also had two Blood Parrots, two Angels, two Jack Dempseys and two Pleco's they are all over two years old and get along fine in her 55 gallon tank. So about five months ago I bought a 150 gallon tank and added first two Parrrots, then two Dempseys, then two Devils, then two more Parrots, then four Pleco's and another Dempsey was given to me. The only problem I have had to date is that my Devils did kill three of the Pleco's within a week, but the other fish seem to hold their own with each other fight yea kill no, not so far. I simply love Cichlids, Red Devils and Parrots are my favorite's.

Joshua Deselles - 2010-04-20
I've had my red devil for about 1 month and he was really small, and a convict fully grown male and my red devil got beat up pretty bad by him but now he is a lot better and bigger about 4 inches and he tries to fight the convict sometimes, they are in a ten gallon tank but tomorrow i'll get a 55 gallon tank my red is the coolest

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  • Michael Avalaz - 2010-05-10
    Your Red devil is going to grow fast and kill your convict. They do not like to share the tank with anyone. They live up to their name.
night-rida - 2010-04-17
I've had my Mr. Red Devil for over 12years (1998) he is huge and apprx 15" long. Has wounded many bigger (albino/tigers) oscars over the years that had to be removed. So he's a loner but very personable. Comes to me like a man's best friend. May need to donate him to a public aquarium as he is to big for this 55g. Great fish! Here is a picture, enjoy.

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  • Linda Graham - 2010-04-25
    I have been looking for a large Male red devil Cichlid as a mate for mine. My female is large and laying eggs. She needs a partner. I will pay for the shipping if you are willing to ship him. Where are you located. Thanks Linda Graham Millard, MS (South)
  • Anonymous - 2010-04-28
    Dude nice fish I just ordered one my other one died cuz of my dad.
Graham - 2010-04-06
How old do red devil cichlid babies have to be before you can separate them from their parents?

Andy - 2009-10-14
I got a pair of jack Demps first, and then a year later I bought a pair of red devils. The main jack is king of the tank! They all get along. I just bought a pair of convicts and in the year has past I bred all of them!... is that diffient!

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  • ayisha steele - 2010-02-23
    I have a male red devil and 2 jack demps. We have to put a divider in the tank to keep the red devil from killing the 2 demps! They are all really big, but do not get along! The red devil hits the glass full force if anyone touches the tank. Right now he has a big red bruise on his lips from hitting the glass so hard.He's vicious alright!
Bri - 2010-01-03
13 years old, and nothing entertains me more than to watch my red devil and my jaguar and green terror SA cichilds eat.
All 3 live together like best friends in a 55 gal. Yea but again, I love watching them eat, I probably feed them to much.

Daniela - 2009-12-09
I had a red devil (spike) for fifteen years, 25 years ago. Was given a nice 55 gal. tank and have a new Red (Nemo) 3 months now, already grown 2 inches, and loves to eat. I keep his tank immaculate, is the biggest flirt. When I go to leave and put my purse by the door he gets so mad cause he knows I'm leaving, but when I get home he is the sweetest. I live on the beach and can't have pets. Nemo is the awesomest pet you could ask for. They do need attention...!

Dave - 2009-06-30
Got an 8.5" female devil and 9.5"-!0" male flowerhorn. She rules the tank. Only gets along with the 12" pleco and 3" giant danio. Anything else is just a toy.(a tasty one at that)

dre - 2009-05-20
I have a Red Devil and he is the coolest fish ever. Although he can be difficult to handle with other fish he is still my favorite fish. The first day my Red Devil came into the tank he quicky became king of the tank. The other fish tried to pick on him and they quickly learned quickly not to mess with him. This fish is awesome and I suggest getting one for yourself

ANTHONY WILCOX - 2009-05-10
I have 2 Red Devils, 2 Jack Dempseys, 1 Blue Devil, and 1 Oscar. All my fishes get along. My Red Devil Binky owns the tank and he kills other fish that I try to add to the tank. I tried to add a snakehead that was way bigger and my Red Devil killed it in less than 3 hours, and snakeheads get like 4 to 10 feet. The Snakehead was full grown. All my fishes are nice but I know not to bring new fishes into the tank that he's not familiar with.