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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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ed - 2005-11-11
I guess I got lucky Devils. Mine is about 5 inches long living in a 60 gallon tank with another 3 inch devil and they are not that aggressive. They actually will live with the feeder fish and just eat pellets. The only way the feeders get eaten is if I turn off the lights. I guess mine are just too lazy for the chase.

hoai - 2005-11-11
I have a male red devil about seven inches, when i first got him everything was fine a few months later i ended up missing 6 pink convicts, 3 firemouths, 1 severum, and another red devil. So this fish is definitely a fish that should be keep alone, unless you tend to tame it by netting it once a day all the time. Seems to work for me the red devil is less aggressive when i net the sucker everyday

cristie - 2005-11-02
I own a red devil and only a red devil becuase it has eaten everything I have put in the tank with it, including a black convict, 2 oscars, a pacu, and 2 jack dempsey's. When I walk by the tank it tries to attack me. When i put my finger up to the tank it tries to bite my finger. It's the craziest fish I've ever owned.

Joel - 2005-10-26
Hi, im Joel.Im going to get a 90 gallon fish tank.And it comes with a Red Devil and an Oscar.And there used to be lots of african cichlids.Of course the Red Devil ate them all.The only thing it didn't eat was the oscar and a sucker fish.The Red Devil will strike at the oscar and take chunks out of the Tiger Oscar.The Red Devil is about 10 inches now and oscar is about 12 inches.

Devil Dudes - 2005-10-22
Red Devils are great interactive fish. As mentioned on another post, they will come up to the glass and follow you. I run my fingers across the tank glass and RD likes to chase. This is their obvious territorial nature trying to have a piece of me. When feeding if you dip your finger in the water they will bite you, though my RD is only about 9cm (4") and teeth won't rip you to shreds. Though I may be a bit more reluctant if it grew to full size. My son also has another one. We had them in a single tank (app 60litres) but they would go at it hammer and tongs, so we separated them with glass first then into separate tanks.

BRITTANY - 2005-08-18
I have a south african red devil and it is the meanist sucker I have ever had. anything you put in there will be gone. I might have to get rid of it for its agressivness. really having one fish is not the type that I would like. So red devils are for sure true to their name.

d 2 the rew - 2005-07-23
i have had my red devil in with a 4.5 inch black rhom, 4 5 inch spilos and a 7 inch dovii. my red devil was about 8 inches. the fish lived in a 270 gallon tank for years. one day i came back from vacation and the only fish i had left were the red devil and rhom. 2 weeks later the devil and rhom got into a heavy fight and the devil killed the rhom before i could separate the 2. these are very aggressive fish and should be kept in a HUGE tank.

sean piel - 2005-07-03
I have a 4-5 inches long one and it is a beautiful orange, and has kind of an orangish white fade to the bottom. I still cant tell what sex it is. it is super agressive towards my other fish and it is in a seperate tank! He loves frozen krill cubes. i have him/her in a 55 allon tank by himself and he is still getting use to it. They are MAJOR diggers... well mine is. I dont really have any advice except feed them three times a day.