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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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ben daley/ australia - 2006-04-25
i have red devil and i have had him for about a year and he is massive. he has killed 4 oscars 2 jaguars and smashes yabbis that are about 6 inches

Justin - 2006-04-19
hi, ihave a red devil. i got him from petsmart and he was 1.5 inches when
i purchased him. now after 5 months he is 5.5 inches and he gets along fine with my texas cichlid, green terror, and firemouth. my meanest fish is the great albino catfish, and he attacks them all the time. my red devil eats my minnows i put in there for my needle fish, so i had to put the needle fish in a different tank. moreover, red devils are great to have.

Shan - 2006-04-11
I have had my red devil for a little over a year. He was shy and afraid for the first week or two after i got him but as he got bigger he became more confident. He grew from 3 inches to 8.5 inches now and still growing! He moved to a 72 gal tank from a 20 and he grew almost 4 inches in less than 4 months. He is just starting to get teeth and he uses them! We had a tug-of-war with the net and he almost won. I would tell anyone to get a red devil. He is so smart and entertaining. I love him so much! Red devils truely make wonderful pets, but as ive learned, many times they must live alone.

Debra Havig - 2006-04-05
I have had my red devil for about 4mths. He is my baby and is about 5inches long. I put my hand in the tank and he tries to splash me then he comes up and wants me to hold him which i can do. He slides through my fingers from nose to tail. He has such a great personality. best companion pet ever! I can watch them for hours.

jay - 2006-03-29
I have owned a red devil who killed 3 other red devils, a managuese, and 2 large oscars. Interesting enough, he started out black, and as he aged, he turned yellow, then bright orange. He has a large lump on his head. He's very aggressive and snaps at the glass as anyone walks by. Once he figures out that he can't bite you as you pass, he then swims to the top of the tank and splashes you. I call him my "watchdog" because he doesn't allow anyone, including myself to walk by without snapping at them. He has bitten me 3x; drawing blood everytime. (keep your hands out of the tank) once while i was dropping pellets into his tank.

barien - 2006-03-28
I have a red devil and it is mean and vicous it killed every thing i put in their it even killed and oscar i put some gold fish in they were gone in less than 1 minute

derek - 2006-03-23
I bought my midas about 2 months ago one thing to note, these fish grow fast! Twice as fast as other species of cichlid. Very interesting coloration, white with red spots just like a koi. The midas killed every other fish except two african mbuna and a texas cichlid, it also killed another midas i had purchased at the same time about a month after being in the tank together. Can live with other fish as long as they are just as agressive, id suggest an aurotus or one of the varieties of texas cichlids as a tank mate, no convicts they didnt have a chance against this midas.

Nick S. - 2006-03-15
i bought my red devil about a month ago and put him in with 4 oscars ranging from 4 inches to about 7 inches. i have read a lot about them and every source says that they are very aggresive. but my red devil, who is aobut 4 inches long, is very peaceful. he doesnt bother anyone nor is he ever bothered with. there's a kind of tank peace agreement i guess. he a is very colorful fish with lots of personality, but i think he lacks the aggresive gene.

Jonny - 2006-03-13
I have a red devil. its cool but i just got another red devil thats twice its size and this new one i got took out a foot long fish. i forgot the name of it, but my little red devil is showing it who's boss. but i might get rid of the big one becouse the little devil might kill the big one. but i think ill try to get another red devil that my small one will like.

jim - 2006-03-05
I bought a 3 inch red devil and put it in with a 6 inch oscar, a 12 inch algae eater that was about 7 years old , a 6 inch soap dish crab all in a 50 gal tank. after about six months red has killed them all. A large bump came up on his head for about three weeks then one nite it went away. the next morning there was eggs all over. now we have fry everywhere, immaculate conception i guess. Jim