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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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DAVID VANG - 2006-07-12
i have in my 55 gallon tank 2 red devils and 2 blood parrots. there are alot of rocks and there are many rock formations. the blood parrots are highly agressive because they always beat up the 2 red devils and they have their own place.

princess - 2006-07-10
I have 14 red devils in a 30 gallon tank. After reading your comments I wonder how they survived. It started out as 9 fish and they had babies. Only 5 out of 10 survived. I love my fish and they get along pretty good. When they fight they get yelled at and chased with the net. They are not very big because the tank is so small but they are happy. They play with their toys, rearrange their tank, and love to eat. I won't give them up for anything.

Jason - 2006-06-30
I had 16 red devills living together, I NOW HAVE ONE :), ENOUGH SAID!!

Leona - 2006-06-26
I have a 125 gallon tank and before getting a Red Devil I had a large Oscar(12in) large algae eater(14in)3 full grown Jack Dempsey.Got him from Petsmart. When I introduced my Red Devil to the tank(about 7 months ago) he was somewhat small, so I had to make alot of hiding places for him. As he grew, so did he aggressiveness. He killed my 2 Jack Dempsey and the last one is hanging on to his life. I have seperated him so he can heal. He had completely taken his tail off. I am still admazed how he is still alive. I love my Red Devil aka Leader. Now I have just the algae,oscar,pacu and a wounded jack dempsey. Although he has caused alot of commotion I wouldn't trade him for the world. Although I had two loses, I still wouldn't trade him for the world.

MOSHE - 2006-06-20
this is moshe and i have a four red devils in my 150 gallon tank. they are very agressive towards each other. they will chase all other fish away. i have two black oscars that stand up for themselves. i also have a snakeskin gauramie that is very agressive. i usually wash my tank every six months. i feed them turtle food, flakes, and feeding fish. they will eat everything as long as they fit into there mouth. i would not recommend red devils for beginners because they are very aggressive and can bite. they like to eat alot as long as they can eat in two minutes it will be fine. i highly recommend them for large tanks because they need space and if they dont it wont live and grow as fast as you want it to.

sayeed amin - 2006-06-10
i've had a red devil for a year and he is very mean. he killed an oscar and any other fish i ever put with him. he is living by himself because he killed them

Vincent Gibson - 2006-05-26
I have two red devils, a huge algae eater, a pacu and a 6.5 inch irridescent shark. I originally also had 3 oscars, a needle nose gar, and a fire mouth cichlid but damieon and debow (the red devils) killed them.

Jake - 2006-05-25
I had a red devil that got about 8in. he lived with an oscar that was the same size, a breeding pair of convicts about 4 inches, a convict texas cichlid hybrid (he was 11 or 12in.), and a jack dempsey cichlid about 10in. They were in a 75 gallon for about 5 years and were rarly ever agressive to anything but feeders. They unfortunetly got ick from a feeder goldfish and died.

Dave Bush - 2006-05-16
Our Red Devil is the meanest fish on the block. A true bully. We have to put the mean sucker in lockdown to give the other inhabitants a break.

Robert Aviles - 2006-05-05
I've got a red devil myself. He's currently by himself, because he's killed (or nearly killed) all his tank mates! When he was first bought, he was about 3 to 5 inches and had a little black spot on his upper lip (like a little mustach). This is why we named him Hitler! Well, he's now full 15 inches and no longer has his mustach, but because he ate the legs (and claws!) off a crawfish (who once lived with him), the name Hitler still seems appropiate!