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The Ram Cichlid is known as being one of the best "beginner" cichlids in the hobby due to its ease of maintanence, beautiful colors, and peaceful nature
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Shad - 2011-11-28
I just purchase 3 Ram Ciclids and put them in my 55 gal tank with all my other Ciclids of different varietys. None of the Ciclids in the tank are grown yet. The biggest being about 2 inch. The more I read, it sounds like they do not belong in the same tank with my other Ciclids. I have 2 other 55 gal tanks with just a variety of community fish. Can I put the Ram Ciclids in one of those tanks and be ok?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-25
    Depends on the other fish. They could be just fine.  Cichlids personalities vary greatly from individual fish.
nm123 - 2011-10-28
watch your angelfish with the blue rams they get a little aggressive if mixed with blue rams together or alone.

Natasha - 2012-01-02
I have a ram that has a small cluster of white speckles on its top fin. Was like that when we bought it. Treating it for Ick and no sign of it going away. Also noticed yesterday that he's getting a circle on his head that is turning red. I currently have him with tetras because when we baught them it seemed they all had ick. So they are all being treated in my 10 gallon tank for Ick. And suggestions on Ick or what the red dot on his head might be. I have 5 other rams and have never had anything like this happen. But I dont want to put the ram with the white cluster on just his top fin in there cause I'm worried it could cause health issues for my 5 healthy rams

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-03
    There are other diseases which cause white spots - not just ICH. You could have a bacteria going on. Scroll the Animal World article Fish Diseases and scrolls down to symptoms and look for the symptoms that match what you see. Recommended treatment is listed.
william mayer - 2011-03-01
Hi Iam interested in breeding some ram cichlids, I'm gonna start out with 6 or more juveniles, can I choose any species to breed together, or would I have to get 6 or more the same species like gold ram dwarf cichlid or blue ram dwarf cichlid, write back asap? Thanks, will.

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  • Jeff Damal - 2011-06-05
    Always breed with the same species. There are subtle differences between the species and although they can be kept together, the best successes will always be with those of the same. Rams like high acid and higher than normal temperatures. I find that less light, and either a large tank or species specific tank will help. If there are other more aggressive tankmates they may be too bewildered to breed or if they do the chances of eggs being eaten are much greater than say, if it is a species specific tank where each pair has a set territory that they establish. I do about 20% water changes about every 10-15 days with water that has been soaking in oak leaves. They also LOVE blood worms and if they get a variety of food that they like they will also find time to become "amorous" when not sated. Look for the Females belly to get larger. If they eat the eggs after the first time do not be discouraged. Just do the water change, watch the pH and they will lay eggs fairly regular, about every month. I also feed mine small earthworms, some brine, and any errant houseflies, caterpillars or spiders that happen. It's fun to watch them tear them apart! You sure can tell they are cichlids! Good Luck!
megan - 2010-04-22
I have a german blue ram and and paradise gourami in my tank. I think the gourami is bullying the ram. Should I get another ram or take the gourami back?

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  • Koichi - 2010-05-18
    In my opinion I would take the gourami back. Although its pretty much up to you. I'd pay attention to see if the gourami attacks other fish as well. Although classified as non aggressive they can be territorial, (at least in my experience.) Plus I'm a fan of the rams head.
Kurt van Wyk - 2008-08-15
I have a pair of these beautiful little guys and they really bring some colour and attitude into any aquarium. They're hardier than other amazon fish as well.