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Due to its unusual size and shape, the Peacock Cichlid is often mistaken for a bass, but don't be fooled!
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John Lee - 2011-03-14
What are good tankmates for a peacock bass and a matamata turtle?
The tank is 250 gallons.
The list that I already have is:
2 oscars
1 matamata
1 peacock bass

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  • samiran roy,india - 2011-11-23
    A silver arowana would be a good tankmate.
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-23
zak - 2011-12-17
Hi, ten P.Bs ,10-15 cm,have been brought home from wholesaler to be sold separately later, the fish have been placed in 3 ft tank ,where we kept healthy cychlids day before,12 hours later they were all death, with cloudy eyes,slimy skin,swiming upside down, there where no visible sings of anny sickness when we got them. What could coause this sudden death?

kramer - 2011-01-28
Do you think it's safe to keep 11 3 foot peacock bass with 6 7 foot arapaimas in a 180 000 gallon pool/tank?

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  • Tyrel - 2011-05-12
    The Arapiamas will end up eating the Peacock bass, because the Arapaimas can get up to 2 meters in length.
Ann mart - 2011-04-01
I loooooooooooooooooooove peacock bass they have so much personality with learning the fish name from Tophero Son of Smilodon.

david - 2009-08-29
I have two tanks, both with native fish. In one tank I have one 2 inch peacock bass with 3 largemouth bass, 2 mayan cichlids, 1 oscar, 1 black acara, 3 bream, 3 baby blue catfish, 2 plecostamus, and 3 little bream. All my fish are small and caught by me in local lakes and canals. I feed them various pellets and minnows and shiners from my canal, which I'm very fortunate to live on. They all seem to get along pretty well although one mayan and my oscar will get a little bullyish once in awhile. It's very exciting to feed these fish and watch them eat. My second tank has 5 very small baby peacock with one very small baby largemouth, 1 mayan, 1 warmouth and 3 oscars. Once again the oscars and mayan seem a little bullyish at times but all in all they seem to do fine and are a blast to feed and watch swim around.

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  • bryan - 2010-04-28
    Where can I get peacock bass?
  • Nick T. - 2010-07-22
    Hi David, I am very interested in buying a Peacock Bass. I live in Metairie, Louisiana and was wondering if you are willing to ship them to me.
  • stu - 2010-12-01
    May be a bit crowded!
jalen - 2009-05-15
I had a peacock and the red devil tried to eat it. The peacock got beaten by a red devil and a dovii. Tte red devil and dovii are very very aggressive.