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A classic in every sense of the term, the Oscar Cichlid has long been heralded as one of the most spectactular and iconic of the aquarium fish!
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Sadie - 2007-08-28
I have two Oscars and have had them since they were about 2 inches, they are now about 8 inches and are wonderful pets. They have recently started eating from my hand when I feed them. I have two Pink colored ones in another tank and am anxious for them to get this size.

Valerie Grego - 2007-08-18
I've had my oscar for about 2 yrs now. he was only 1 inch when i got him, now he's about 9 inches. Originally he was in a tank with a variety of fish but he got too aggressive and had to be all by himself in a 50 gal tank. he's playful and likes a bunch of different types of foods. he just recently lost all appetite and im so worried for him. hopefully i figure out what the problem is before it's too late! he's a wonderful pet!

Julie - 2007-07-01
I have had quite a few oscars. My oldest is almost 3 and on his way out, it could be hole in the head. I thought that oscars didn't live long because for one reason or another all our oscars have died.

Melissa Richards - 2007-06-20
I've had my oscar for 8 years now. As far as the oscar not being a community fish thats wrong. My oscar keep his goldish fish as friends and now the gold fish are as large as he is. He is spoiled and loves the attention. He does splash alot while eating and moves things around the tank but won't eat another fish.

TRAPSTAR - 2007-06-01
I have had a baby red oscar for about a month now with a red belly pacu, two algae eaters, and a white tip shark catfish.

NELSON TORRES - 2007-05-24
I have two oscars and a pacu. This is the funniest thing that happened to me today. I went to feed the fish and I said a curse word. The South African jumped out and nibbled my finger. I think he doesn't like bad words!

michael - 2007-03-13
I have 2 Tiger oscars about four inches in length ea. They are such playful and attentive fish. They feed like they were great whites taking a seal on the surface of the ocean.

I had them in a 30 gal tank for the first few weeks. Since then I bought a 110 gal. tank and moved them into that along with my foot long pleco. I keep the set up pretty bare with only some large lava rocks on the bottom forming tunnels to swim through and hide in. They seem to really love their new home and all of the play room it provides.

This tank is particularly enjoyable because I placed it in my room behind my bed as kind of a giant headboard. Every night as I fall asleep I watch them swim around.It is so awesome to lay there with my face right next to the glass and have them swim right up to me to say hello. Talk about relaxation! I get the feeling they get a kick out of watching me just as much as I do them.

~ M ~

BRIAN L. LUND - 2007-02-10
I have two full grown oscars, one red and one tiger. The tiger oscar got a eye fungus and lost 90% of her sight, not a problem tho the red oscar never leaves her side, I think she can see out of pin holes because when food floats by she gets it, my red oscar loves to jump out of the tank he has done it in the middle of the night, thank God I heard him hit the floor. If you really want to see the true spirit of your oscar put several large cray fish in the tank. My red oscar loves them, he stalks them and then when he gets them where he wants them "BAM" he slams them against the glass knocking them out, then sucks them in tail first. They also love golf fish and earch worms that I get from the bait store. My kids love them and my wife thinks they are ugly. Right now they are in a 55 gallon tank but soon to come is a 250G tank. It is going to cost me a small fortune bit its worth it. All and all they are great pets and easy to care for. Best fish Ive ever had!

Terry Sheneman - 2006-09-04
I have had two Red Oscars for about two months now. The really cool thing is that I have taught one of them to actually take a shrimp from my fingers! He will jump almost 5 inches straight up out of the tank to get it. These fish are VERY smart, but you need a BIG tank. Mine is 140 gallon, and though the two (there are about 10 other kinds of fish in there as well) are only about 3 inches long, they are the rulers of the tank. Pretty cool to watch. Who would've thought that fish were this smart!

Ashley Sweet - 2006-08-28
I have two oscars, names "white boy" 7 inch and "black boy"8 inch. I've had my albino for a year and made the mistake of leaving him by himself in a 10 gal w/ the pleco the whole time. I had to go buy one his size and switched to a twenty gal tall(It seemed so much bigger when I bought it. The new oscar actually has "white boy" beat by about an inch all around but you couldn't tell it by how they act. The first night they hung out the whole time "palling" around the tank and now it's like the albino is entirely jealous of the new guy and having to share food or feeding time. There's definately not a shortage of food they eat about 3-4 times a day and not lightly. He keeps scaring him behind the log in the tank. He's so spoiled but I love them both. They are so fun unlike my betta which plays dead until its feeding time :)