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A classic in every sense of the term, the Oscar Cichlid has long been heralded as one of the most spectactular and iconic of the aquarium fish!
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Troy - 2009-08-14
I have an oscar that is about 5 inches long with my pleco, they get long in my smaller tank. I have a 1 inch jack demspey, 1 inch Green terror, 1 inch red devil, and a 1 inch texas. The lady at the store said they might fight but they seem to get along. I plan to put all together when they are big.

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  • Arlene - 2010-02-19
    Good luck with mixing your Oscar with the other cichlids you have. Most likely, your oscar will be fish food for the rest of your cichlids when their
    true temperament develops as they mature. Your other cichlids are much more aggressive than an oscar, especially the red devil and green terror, they live up to their name!
crai - 2010-01-14
Regarding the first comment. This is rediculous. I would not keep one Oscar in less than 40 gallons.

Ricky - 2009-10-08
I discovered this site a few months ago, and have become a huge fan of it's informative and interactive format. So, Bravo to the Animal-World team for their contributions to the overall comprehension and well-being of our beloved animals. I currently have four Oscar cichlids, a tiger named Thor, a red named Medusa, and two lutinos named Ringo and Rawhide. I have kept aquarium fish for more than twenty years, and the Oscar fish have always been my favorite. There is no comparison in terms of interaction and "wet pet" status. I've read where Green Terrors, Red Devil, and Midas cichlids have all been equated with the Oscar as a celebratory wet pet. I've kept multiples of all those fish, and while extraordinary in their own right, in my opinion, they are no where near equal to the Oscar as "wet pet". In my opinion, the level of of intelligence and responsiveness in the Oscar is unsurpassed. The aforementioned cichlids are far too aggressive to be considered really interactive. They defend their territory (whatever they feel that might be), to an extreme that would inhibit any attempts to clean or water change. With the several Oscars I've housed over my twenty years in the profession, the only "major" aggression would occur when there were eggs or fry are present. That's not to suggest that I have not had the occasional "mad dog" Oscar, but, statistically, they have been far superior to all other cichlids I've maintained as "wet pet." I said all this to say, that if you are considering a "pet" for your aquarium, with all things being equal, the Oscar is the absolute BEST choice...without a doubt, Just ensure that you have the proper housing, as they are large fish. As a minimum, 55-75 gallon aquariums are required to adequately house one.

jason 5 - 2009-07-29
My oscar is 5 inches long. He is an albino red tiger oscar. These oscars are the most aggressive oscars. They like feeder fish, frogs, crickets, grass hoppers, worms, and minnows. Oscars can grow 16inchs and needs atleast 45 gal.

Jenna - 2009-06-29
I have 2 fish I was told are an african tiger oscar which is black and orange, and the other is orange and gold. Actually it looks how a cheese puff is coated with cheese powder. I am wondering just what kinds of oscars the might be. The black and orange one has scalloped tail and fins next to gill slit. He does have holes in head disease but I am making sure he gets a varied diet. He LOVES to flounce in the tank and sometimes hits the rock and wood dicorations and knocks off some scales. Oh yes, I have had the gold one since he was 2 inches long. He is now about 8-9 inches long. The other one I got from a friend when about 9 inches long. He is not 10-11 inches long. They are fun to watch and when kids come over, they are so surprised to see such big fish. I am the talk of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I cant have any other fiah in the tank since they become meals for these two. I have them in a 45 gallon tank but am looking for a much larger one.

Bianca - 2009-06-17
I have an adult breeding pair of oscars, one's Lutino and the other a Tiger. They are in a 900 litre tank with a giant angelfish and small red-tailed shark. They have layed twice but have not successfully raised their fry.
These are great fish which are fairly aggressive but can sometimes be sooks.
They need a big tank and even bigger filtration. They create a lot of waste!

I love my O's and and wouldn't trade them for another fish.

williams - 2009-06-13
I have 1 oscar, 2 red devils, 1 texas cichlid, 2 jack dempseys, and 1 algae fish. I got the oscar about 2 to 3 days ago, 6/5/09. All my are about 2 to 3 inches. I'm planning on getting another texas and oscar. My texas is the smallest the oscar is the second littlest one, the rest are the same size right now. One of my red devils keeps on bullying ever other fish except the small texas that's only like half an inch. Everytime he tries to bully him, he fights back, so the rd leaves him alone. But the oscar is the same way as the texas, kind of aggresive. All of my fish are territorial but the two small ones. which are the texas and the oscar, are the most territorial though. But they know there owner, when I come to do the tank they all just sit there and start doing tricks.

Rameres Jr Cumba - 2009-05-12
I'm a big fan of oscars. Not bad man, a good personality and they grow fast. I've never grown oscars over 6 inches but it doesn't stop me from keeping such beautiful fish. Right now I need a 4 foot tank. I've kept oscars in 10, 25 and 40 gallon containers. I've notice 2 oscars jaw locking, tail slapping, and tail shaking, I would like to know if I have a pair, they are 3 to 2.5 inches.

Tarah S. - 2009-04-05
I've done it again! I recently acquired a 75 gallon aquarium from a military friend who was deploying, and as soon as I had it properly cycled with gravel and filter media from my other aquariums, I purchased two oscars to be housed in it: an Albino Red named Spanky and an Albino Tiger named Patches. Presently, they are both approximately three inches. I plan to maintain them in this aquarium, but eventually move them to my 125 gallon once my other oscars (Pyro and Damien) eventually pass on (hopefully not for many years). Although I maintain a multitude of several cichlids-Dempseys, Red Devils, Green Terrors, Convicts, Angels-I have officially designated myself a bonafide "oscarholic". I think I will gradually exchange my current stockage to only Oscars and Angels. My other 75 gallon, which currently houses a Red Devil, will soon be traded to friend for his Lutino. I am simply unable to resist their winning personalities!

Tarah S, - 2009-03-24
I am an avid fan of the Central and South American genera of cichlid. Currently I house Red Devils, Jack Dempseys, Convicts, Green Terrors, and Oscars. My oscars are an absolute pleasure to behold. They reside in a 125 gallon aquarium with a pair of convicts (Bonnie & Clyde) and a common pleco (Spanky). The Red Oscar is named Pyro and the Tiger is named Damien. Pyro is approximately 6 inches and Damien is closer to eight. I have raised them both from the an approximate size of less than 1/2 inch. They are the most responsive fish that one could imagine housing. I maintain various aquariums, but the Oscars always eclipse the others to gain attention, food, etc. They are so lively and extremely playful. One of my greatest joys is watching them interact. I had never been a great fan of oscar cichlids and had only acquired these because a friend had bred the parents and was in the process of feeding the babies to other cichlids. I managed to "rescue" Pyro and Damien and I am happy that I did. They have changed my perception of Oscar cichlids. They truly are the ultimate "wet pet." They should not be housed in anything less than a 55 gallon for a single fish, but I would definitely recommend this fish to anyone in search of an energetic and interactive pet fish.