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Known for its high variety of colors and a showstopping appearance, the Midas Cichlid is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any aquarium!
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harry - 2009-01-14
Awesome fish! I have owned quite a few species of SA and A cichlids over the years. I have found that the Midas is probably the fastest growing and most interactive of them all.

RLP - 2008-11-27
What kind of "normal teeth" does a midas have?

sagnik - 2008-07-08
I bought a midas cichlid about a month ago but still can't make out whether it's a male or female. I am wondering if anyone can help me out.

Amy - 2008-06-18
If anyone could help, I bought a "texas" cichlid, so the lady at the pet store said. I brought it home, put it in my tank, and it is not a texas. It is black with 3 or 4 blur dots behind the eye, and has a red stripe on his dorsal fin. Can someone please tell me what i have.. please email me @

jose - 2008-04-30
Midas cichlids are not great to keep with other fish unless you have a lot of space as stated above, but they will do ok with a spiny catfish or pleco but they must be fairly large.