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Known for its high variety of colors and a showstopping appearance, the Midas Cichlid is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any aquarium!
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Doc Green - 2014-08-05
I own a what I believe to be a male midas cichlid. I'm 95% sure he is a male. The territory displays,the attacking of everything that enters the water. The long trailing dorsal and analysis fins. Anyway mine is in a 90 gallon currently I just moved him from a 55. Now my confusion lies in were is his hump.his head is thick but it's no wider than his body. There's also no real shape from a side profile either. Is this because there's no female or am I doing something wrong? He eats fine very aggressive fairly active. Has a pond snail named turbo for a buddy. But why has this guaranteed hump not forming?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    Well, hopefully it is a Midas Cichlid. Both male and female specimens can get a slight hump, but it is usually larger in males. The hump begins to form when they are mature, usually this is at about 6 inches (15 cm). I've alsoheard that the hump develops better and faster if they are very comfortable in their environment.
  • Dove Stumpf Zuleger - 2014-10-31
    Maybe it's because you have a Red Devil instead?
Mike - 2013-02-20
I got a Midas cichlid about 6 months after I started my 75g tank. It was the smallest fish I had by far, now it's full grown and definitely the Alpha fish in the tank, he even chases around my 15 in Pacu. It almost killed my green terror, keep a close eye on your tank with this fish. Great fish.

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  • Joaquin Rivera - 2014-03-25
    Please let me know where to buy midas and red devils. I'm from the Phillipines here is my Facebook page you may message me here +632 9494017939 thanks.
Marysol Tardif-Giroux - 2011-12-15
It's nice to finally see someone else with an older Midas. My male Peaches is currently 17 years old. When I first got him, the only info I found, stated that they only live about 9 years. Peaches can not be kept with other species, when he was 1/2 inch he was killing 5 and 6 inch Oscars. When he killed all the 5 inch Africans my boss tried to feed him too. I was told to flush him down the toilet. I couldn't do it. So I took him home. Peaches could hide behind my thumb when I put it against the glass. He was so small, and he was all black. He is peach coloured now. But he actually got his name from the song 'Peaches' (come from a can, they were put there by a man) Because, he kept poking holes in the fish bag, so I slipped the bag in my rinsed out soup can to bring him home. Now he's about 12 inches. He had a mate, but killed her when she wasn't laying eggs often enough, so is now living with a few babies. He kills one once in a while, so he may go back down to lone fish at some point. I'll never give him away, he is living longer than my cat (12 years RIP).

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  • james allen bentley sr. - 2012-02-16
    I have a 175 gal tank my midas A.K.A mighty is 7 years old. I was told that only the male had a hump on his is this true. He lives with two jack dempseys and is too fat to catch them. I have lots of cover. I can pet him like a puppy but if I'm cleaning he bites me. The grand love him when he bites at their nose. He's a real blast. Any comments welcome!!! :)
  • Star - 2014-01-02
    I have a Midas (could be a red devil tho) male. He has a large Nuchal bump and is lemon and orange colored. I rescued you him from a 38 gallon tank. He had quite a bit of damage (big pock holes in his face and forhead, etc.) Most of those holes are gone now, with only some scaring left from the deepest of his injuries. He was in the tank by himself, and I do not know what his earlier history is. He is now alone in a 75 gallon tank and seems to be quite happy. His name is Zeus because he is magnificent! He is 12-13' long, and very intelligent. I can interact with him and pet him all over his body. He loves earth worms and during the warmer months I bring him one every now and then. He takes them up like spaghetti! Zeus interacts with the dogs and my grandchildren. He is extremely curious. I truly wish I had a larger tank for him. I have two Fluval cannister filters (305 and 306) and they seem to do the trick. I use a siphon to remove water from his tank weekly (about 1/3) which sucks up his gravel to clean it as it removes water. He has a fit over this. He is so territorial about his gravel when he sees it moving up the tube he gets really angry. It's funny but it's not. I don't like him to be upset. Zeus also spends a lot of time beating up his intake tubes and artifical plants. He carries the tall silk plants around and rearranges them. I found him a small ball from a fooseball set and he pushes that around from time to time. Just recently, my neighbor gave me a plastic fish that is meant to feed turtles. It floats around the tank and I'm hoping that Zeus will find some entertainment in bossing the plastic buddy around. So far though he seems entirely disinterested. I don't have a clue how old this fish is, all I know is I have had him for 1 year and the people before him had him for at least 2. Honestly, I feel that pet shops should be better educated about these types of fish. They're great when they're small but they need a ton of space as mature adults. More than the average hobbyist can offer. (just sayin) As far as a pet goes though, he is awesome. I also have 4 orandas in a separate tank in the other room. I almost want to put both tanks in one place so Zeus can watch the Orandas. Which, btw, are super fun fish to have. My largest is about 7' now. I feed them from my hand and they will allow me to touch them. One likes resting in my cupped hand.. so cute. I would like to rehome Zeus now that he is all healed up and healthy. Finding the right home is super difficult though.
Torin - 2013-03-30
So I have a male midas and a female jaguar. are they able to breed when mature?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-31
    It can happen!
  • Torin - 2013-04-12
    So if they breed would it be a texas jaguar or something else?
brandon - 2012-11-27
Where do you get a midas cichlid, are they supposly rare fish like a frontosa, arowana and a jaguar etc.

brandon - 2012-11-27
How come my 7 inch midas always hides? Isn't he big enough to be brave and come out to look?

Jennifer Jones - 2012-06-13
I have a question. I had my fish 'baby' for 6 years now. and I have noticed that he has been staying at the bottom of the tank lately. I'm a lil concerned bout that. Why is he like that? he doesnt even come up to the top to get food. need help asap please

Danielle - 2012-06-02
Hi I was wondering how this fish does with oscars? My biggest is a 7 inch and smalliest is maybe 5 inches and a electric blue chichlid?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-03
    Depending on personality of the oscar they should be fine. Some oscars are just nasty with anything in the tank.
  • Mya - 2012-06-20
    We had an oscar in our tank when we got our midas, and they tolerated each other for a while-the oscar was easily double the midas' size. as the midas got older we put them in a larger tank, and the midas ate the oscar up and was only half his size. They are EXTREMELY agressive. He has devoured every fish we have placed into the tank with him. We have had our midas for three years now he is aprox. 12-13in in length, and has been the only fish in the tank for atleast a year. He is an aweesome fish but gets very territorial when we even try to clean the tank. Just walking by aggrivates him. lol. [he chases us!] i have read that they tend to do well in pairs but not necessarily with other types of chichlids. I would only get one if you have a 125+ gal tank because they get huge and grow fast. Hope this helps you out (=
Nancy Luster - 2012-05-21
My midas is big I think its a female someone gave her too me I have her now in a 44 gallon corner piece aquarium is that too small I have pics of her on FB she seems happy ...just wondering if I can feed her live goldfish and crickets?

AtlantaMidas2011 - 2010-12-28
Moved my midas to my other tank the other day..The 1st day he was just fine and now he's keeping his fins down, not as active and hiding a lot. The water temperature thermometer reads 74/76..Fed him bloodworms today just to get him moving (He likes them). Has a variety of food..What's wrong with him?

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  • rodney - 2011-06-05
    No they don't!!