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The Malawi Eyebiter is a real eye-catching cichlid, it's big, fast moving, and sports a bright metallic sheen in blue and red!
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Anonymous - 2009-06-17
I have 2 malawi eye bites. They are housed with convicts, green terrors and red devils.

joe - 2009-07-13
I have one of these, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell if it is male or female because I would like to breed them, but I don't know what sex I have

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  • vince - 2013-05-05
    should be kept as a species only tank need a ratio of 1x male to 3x females 2-3 years maturity!! male will be at least 20cm in size females smaller!! definitely only keep large fish with these guyz example frontosa
jeff - 2008-11-24
Hi, I just bought one. It has a ton of pearsonallity and color but I'd like to know what it can live with. If you know, post what it can live with. thanks.

david - 2012-04-17
I hate this fish. It killed all my demonsi cichlids...