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   With its conspicuous shape and modest needs, the Lionhead Cichlid has earned a well deserved place in the aquarium hobby!
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AceBoogie87 - 2011-11-23
I have kept a single Buffalo Head male before untill about 3.5 inches and he was by far one of my coolest chiclids. And he was in the with a mix of Haps, Peacocks, South American and multiple Africans I kept him in my 72 gal. bowfront. I traded-in all my chiclids and went salt for a few years, but I made the switch back to fresh and the first fish I got was a small group of 4, 1.25 inch Buffalo Heads I can't wait to watch them pair up and hopefully have a successful brood! They are awesome fish to just kick-it and gaze at.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    Hey you are right and having fun. Glad you enjoy.
Tom W - 2010-06-18
I keep 4 of these in a small (3ft\120L) community tank and I've found them to be perfectly well behaved with regards to other fish. They occasionally chase each other around but as my tank is heavily aquascaped they don't cross paths that often, and it seems the fighting is only for show as they will spend other times swimming together in a pack. They're fascinating to watch, and remind me a lot of marine blennies and gobies in the way they move and dart from resting place to resting place. An all round excellent community fish in my opinion, and hopefully their reputation for being nasty becomes a thing of the past.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-15
    They are very cool fish, and it's good to know they can do well in a community tank. Thanks for sharing:)
BigT - 2010-11-08
I have had a pair for about a year now. They have been living with bala sharks, gouramis, tiger barbs, and even an oscar large enough to eat both of them. They are tough enough to fight off the oscar and have proven that on several occasions. As far as the fish go they all get along very well. They are now getting ready to spawn. They have taken over a large section of the tank that the oscar won't even go to. Aside from their recent territorial displays they are by far the coolest fish in the tank more personality than the oscar.

c.morgan - 2010-01-09
I keep the block heads in a 4 foot cichlid tank containing fish like the severum, the uaru, yellow labs, firemouth and more. I have kept fish for over a decade now and of all the species I have kept, these boys fascinate me more than any other species. I find they get an unfair write up for being too aggressive which is simply not the case. I recommend any fish lover to try these gorgeous little creatures.