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   One look at this beautiful African cichlid and you can see why the Kribensis was an immediate hit when first introduced!
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shree - 2007-03-17
Breeding a kribensis fish is very easy compared to other ones. have 50 young babies of kribensis fishes and feeding the adults with earth worms and live worms mike them breed faster. I suggest this fish for the beginners who are craz in breeding.

Dan McPherson - 2006-04-23
i have just gotten 3 purple kribs, they have settled in well. they like dodging out of the rocks and they have made a home in a bogwood cave. i am trying to breed them and i would recommend these fish to anyone.

John DeNicola - 2005-11-02
Just noticed free-swimming fry with parents in nest (a hole they dug out under driftwood. The eggs were first noticed about 12 days ago. I thought the eggs were eaten until I discovered them today. The parents are guarding them extremely well (sharing the task). No sign of them eating them. They seem to be herding them around the vicinity of the nest. They are also being grouped in the nest when they finish eating flake food.
This is the first brood they hatched (the kribs are new to the tank)
Gotta go and hatch some brine shrimp!

geraldine kelly-woodford - 2005-09-11
i have just today become the owner of two of these lovely fish.
it was very hit and miss with info from the shop, they sold me two so called females but on looking on this site I think that debatable. never mind that, I am looking forward to seeing them settle in with all my other community fish. thanks for your very good info in easy to understand terms.

Josh Perkins - 2005-06-20
I bought 5 Kribs about 4 months ago and these little beauties are crazy spawners. Two of them paired up and bred in my 20 gallon community tank. Even thought they don't tolerate other fish around their babies, they aren't overly aggressive. They had 2 batches before the female killed the male and then ate the babies. But the two batches of babies were almost big enough to not be sucked into her mouth right when she ate them. But overall this is a fish that I would definitely recommend!

Joey R - 2005-03-24
Like the convict cichlids, they are very easy to breed and keep. They love brine shrimp and even baby livebearers! If your pair are spawning for the first time they most likely will eat their first couple of spawns. They settle into aquariums very easily and can produce "nuclear families".