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   One look at this beautiful African cichlid and you can see why the Kribensis was an immediate hit when first introduced!
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kyle - 2009-12-30
I have a breeding pair of these stunning beauties in my 30 gallon tank. I can't believe how vibrant in colour the females get while spawning. These cichlids are incredibly hardy and easy to keep. They are by far the easiest cichlid in the world to breed. Anyone loooking to easily breed some fish should definitely purchase a pair of kribs. Make sure you can cleary distinguish a male from a female, so the pet store doesn't give you two kribs of the same sex. This is important because two males or females won't get along unless they have a mate. This happened to me the first time I bought kribs a few years ago. I came home with two males and they kept fighting all day long. I had to go back to the pet store and buy another two female kribs to keep the males happy. If you have the opportunity to buy a pair of these fish, you should definitely do it. They are a very rewarding pet to keep in terms of their personality and their colouration.

PimpDaShizzle - 2005-05-19
I got two female Purple Cichlids and they're housed with 5 tetras, 1 sailfin pleco, and 2 dwarf frogs. The larger female has nipped a piece of fin off of most of my other fish. The pleco has the most taken out of its rear fin. I feed them well so it's not like they're hungry. I'm thinking it could be pregnant because it's very dark in color. Other than that one the other one is very peacful with the other fish. I might return that one, it's EVIL.

Miss Cellany - 2013-01-08
Would a pair of Kribensis be ok with a blue gourami female or would they fight?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-08
    The Kribensis is peaceful but tend to be a bit of a fin nipper with slow moving fish long finned fish.
norman - 2010-08-10
Hi, I have 2 dwarf rams with danios and tetras, would I be able to put a pair of kribs in with these? regards NORM.

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  • star - 2010-08-25
    I have a 55 gallon with kribs, a ram, small danios and platys, and a geophagus. Yhey all get along great.
renata - 2010-11-01
Hi I have a pair of kribensis and they now have 2 lots of fry in the tank when will I be able to separate the 1st lot of fry from the parents?

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  • lorna - 2010-11-25
    I would say the babies can be separated from parents when they are about 4 months old around the size of a small tetra, that's just going by my experience and advice I have had from friends who have also breed kribensis.
zagga - 2010-03-11
how long does it take for the kribs to pair and spawn, i had mine for 2 months... cheers

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  • Harry - 2010-05-03
    Depends on a few things.

    1. Did you have a mature pair?
    2. Are you sure they paired off?
    3. Do they have sufficient spawning site?

    1. Its best to buy several is each sex if you can get mature kribs. They will show pairing behavior right away in a new tank. It is fairly easy to tell once they have paired because they will swim close to each other and can/will be slightly aggressive to any other kribs in the tank.

    2. See above. It is easy to see this even for a rookie.

    3. If they don't have a suitable to spawn they won't.

    Also keep in mind if you only have a pair there is no guarantee they will ever pair which is why its best to get several then seperate the ones who havent paired.

    My quickest spawn in my community tank when introducing kribs has been 3 days (that's just when I found the eggs). My slowest has been 2 weeks due to the fact that I was trying to get several pairs out of about 10 of them.

  • krib lover - 2010-06-12
    I purchased a pair a a lfs that were paired when I bought them I watched a while and they came home with me on the 7th of May and by a month later they had spawned and now I have lots of did not come out much for a while I figured something was happening I went to do the weekly tank cleaning and the pair were very upset...well I found a little while later after the male popped my hand while moving things around during cleaning there were babies..and a few days later they brought them out to look for food..these are very smart fish..and very protective..they even took me on! LOL.
  • krib lover - 2011-02-21
    They usually start as early as 8 months old.
  • Chris Norris - 2011-07-14
    Hey Zagga, I brought my to kribs and with in two weeks they paired and spawned but mine were two mature kribs as well. I have heard it can take a few mounths or happen straight away. I found an upside down flower pot gets things going. Hope I helped.
Kamperoni - 2009-01-23
Wonderful cichlids and really beautiful! I have a pair and theere always seems to be another batch of fry in the tank. I have noticed though that they don't always seem to get along and one of them will sometimes end up by themselves for a few days. They prefer sand over gravel as they like to dig out a spot to lay there eggs. I have them in with tetras and Kuhli loaches and they don't bother them, unless they're guarding eggs of course. Kribensis are very attractive fish.

Chris Norris - 2011-07-14
Hi, my kribs have just had a batch of babies that have hatched and are free swiming in my tank now. I would like to no how do I clean and maintain my comunity tank with babies in it? Can use help me please? I'm not sure on what I can and can't do while they are in there thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    You need to round up the babies and put them in a smaller tank - simetimes referred to as a growing tank. The adult cichlids will eat the babies. Good news is you can justify another tank.
Jack - 2010-01-17
Dear Bob, if you are attempting to breed kribs, you will have to move your other cichlids out of the tank. The only fish that could be safe with the baby kribs are small peaceful fish like tetras, guppies....

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  • john - 2010-06-15
    That's not always true when my kribs had young it doesn't matter what was in the tank the kribs gave them a bad beating.
Anonymous - 2009-01-02
I bought a pair of Kribs from the local fish store as they seemed very close with each other and showed full colours. within a week of them settling in they had chose a cave and were vigourously defending it.

Yesterday I saw the first sign of fry out of the corner of my eye when feeding when they came out with mother and father kept the angels and other fish away. Now I only wish my angels were as proficient at breedeing as all they seem to do is lay the eggs then eat them!