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The Jaguar Cichlid is known for becoming more and more beautiful as it ages!
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Kym - 2010-05-08
I've been looking online and found some photos of juvenile wolf cichlids and jags, and they look identical. I'm slightly concerned cos if my 5 inch jag is actually a 5 inch wolf, things are likely to get pretty ugly in my tank. Does anyone have a definitive guide for telling the fry of these species apart?

zach - 2010-04-16
I was given my girl about a year ago, she is 5 or 6 inches long in a tank with a 9 inch jack dempsey..... I did not know she was going to be this large, but they seem to do fine so i decided to get a female jack to go with my male. my jag had to be separated from the dempseys so i put up a separator in the tank and she is now laying eggs all by herself..... the male jack is being very difficult and wants to be with her they did grow up together but will they mate and will that be ok ?

Loren - 2009-08-17
I recently purchased one of these terrors of the tank. When I got him he seemed really calm cool and collected... All that changed once he decided that this WHOLE tank was his. It's pretty fun to see him and my 2 cory cats go at it for a few minutes out of the day. Now he has the cory cats swim behind him at ALL TIMES like as if to say, "these are mine and I own them." But they are truly great fish and I can't wait to save up and get my 80 gallon tank for him to terrorize soon. Oh...and when cleaning the tank make sure to stay out of the way...cuz he already tried to take a finger and he is only 1 1/2 inches... LATER.

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  • zach - 2010-02-25
    This is a little late, but in reference to the cory cats: You don't want them in the same tank with the jag, as they pose a threat to him if he swallows them. If he can at all fit them in his mouth, he probably will. My male jag attempted to swallow a cory and after 2 days of swimming around with it halfway into his mouth, I had to cut it out with a pair of surgical scissors, or he would've starved from the blockage....The cory's barbs will pierce the sides of the jags mouth, and become lodged. My jags now have 0 tankmates.
  • jeff - 2010-02-28
    Good morning. I have a jaguar fish that is about 7 inches in a 125 gal. tank with a iridescent shark that is 14 inches. That jag shoves that big fish around so I slap him around with the scrubber and we fight, lol. Jeff
  • michelle - 2010-03-13
    I had a jaguar that recently died, he was 13 inches long and was the sole inhabitor of a 60 gallon tank. On many occasions my husband would reach into the tank to move an ornamental piece around and he would draw blood if he was able to get part of your hand or fingers in his mouth. They are truly the most beautiful fish we have ever owned and we were heartbroken after having this fish for 5 years watching it grow from an 1 1/2 to 13 inches.
Ryan - 2010-01-21
I bought a jag about 3 months ago for

Craig - 2008-03-23
Hello there. Truly beautiful fish that if interacted with from a young age will become very owner responsive. With regards to keeping alongside other fish, two words - temper and fangs!

Phil Inmon - 2008-01-16
Where to start with this fish...Well I came to obtain one of these bad boys when my uncle had it, a tiger oscar, and two convicts in a 30 gallon tank. All three were about same size except for the convicts, but luckily they are extremely fast fish. Anyway, the Jaguar was starting up its "This will be my tank" notion and after terrorizing every fish he was left with no other choice but to give her to me. Now at the time I wasn't prepared to be given this fish. All I had was a 10 gallon tank which was where she was put for a few months. Now this fish was about five inches long or so and was a dominant fish. I kept her for a few months but it would flex at me sitting outside like it was going to hurt me, and tried on many occasions when trying to clean. I do understand that moving from a 30 gallon to a 10 is not optimal and actually very bad for the fish, so I ended up selling it to the aquatic critter which is a cool fish store in Tennessee. To sum it up, yes and I mean yes, this fish is extremely aggressive and it along with the Dovi are at the top of this cichlid group. If wanting destruction this is your fish and it would be awesome to have in a large tank with either a Dovi or by itself. Then you just sit back and watch it kill everything you put in there. Crawfish are fun. Thanks.