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The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is one of the most interesting and beautiful of the American cichlids!
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Teng Vang - 2005-05-24
My Jack Dempsey was one of my favorite fish. It was dark all the time had lot's of shiny blue scales across it's body, face, and fins and had a bit of red on the tip of it's dorsal fin. It just looks awesome when flaring against my other cichlids. A very tough and cool fish!

Ian - 2005-03-14
I have 1 jack dempsy, 2 black convicts, 2 jewel cichlids, 1 nicarguense, 1 green terror, 1 geophagus altifrons, and 3 african cichlids in a large tank. My jack is about 7" now, he is exceptionally colorful and is actually one of the least aggressive fish in my tank. He hates when other fish are being aggressive towards each other near him and he will usually chase the aggressor away! He is definitely the boss of the tank.

Anonymous - 2004-11-11
Hi my name is Shaun Gillis and I live in chicoppe mass. I have a 55 gal tank with two 8 month jack dempsys, 1 stripped raphael, 1 spotted raphael, 1 red tailed shark, 1 zebra lobster, 1 mustered pleco, 2 med. sized plecos, a green with yellow spots pleco, 2 yello marbled squeaker catfish, a small fiddler crab, 1 two colored bango catfish, and 1 snail.
Now with all those fish they get along fine. But the big dempsey is about 5 to 6 inches long and looks like he is digging to the bottom of the glass. Now both of the dempsys are hiding in the left side of my tank and all other fish stay on the right side off the tank. They are very shy now only come out for food and at night.
Do you think they are going to mate and if so what fish do I have to get rid of, some other fish. The dempseys had a third dempsey with them but they tried to kill him, so I got rid of him. Also... info on breeding angelfish, I also have a 29 gal. PS thanks

anthony hufnagel - 2004-03-16
I have had a jack dempsy for a while. he is in a 55 gallon tank and in this tank i have 1 6in buttycawfree, a 4 in buttycawfree, a 5 inch red devil, and a 6inch jack dempsy. I feed them spectrum food which i have found to be the best food on the market for smaller fish. If you have an aggressive jack dempsy and would like to attempt to tame it you should move it too a larger tank

joshua - 2004-03-07
I have had a Jack Dempsy for about nine years now and i can say that he is the best pes i have ever bought!!!! Although he is very aggressive he will not let any fish in his tank except this sucker fish which is a lil bigger then he is. He has a spectacular color probably the coolest color iv ever seen. I would recommend this fish to any one!

Jason Lee - 2003-08-28
I have had a Jack Dempsey for a while now. They are quite aggresive to my Red Devil and 4 blue Acaras. Though he is quite friendly to my two firemouths. They are beautiful fish that need intense care.