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The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is one of the most interesting and beautiful of the American cichlids!
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Justin - 2006-03-26
I have a JD, A Pink Convict, A Green Terror and A Firemouth in A 45 gallon tank. The jack was chasing the Firemouth around. The GT got between the Firemouth and the Jack. The GT flared his fins and opened up his mouth, it seemed like he was the Firemouths body guard! The Jack fought the GT and won! He continued to chase the Firemouth. The next day I looked in the tank and the Jack was badly injured! I moved the Dempsey in my 10gal quarintine tank.The other fish have no probs except a few square offs for territory. I will update you on the Jack Demsey ASAP!

kelsea - 2006-03-04
i started my first tank about 6 months ago. it is 50 gallons. didnt know anything about fish so i got an oscar, a jack dempsy, and 2 black convicts. best thing i did was get the dempsy. the jack and the oscar were both about half an inch and now they are both about 3 inches+. at first they didnt like each other, but now they are best buds. our convicts have started breeding and my jack and oscar were getting ambushed. so now oscar and jack are a team, and they show the convicts that it is their tank. the jack has gotten such beautiful colorings on it, lots of blue and red on the edges of his fins. im pretty sure its a male. i think it is a must for any fish lover

Suzanne - 2005-12-26
I have a Jack Dempsey and I am not a live fish feeder kind of person so I used to feed him just about everything else from krill to blood worm cubes, but now his diet consists of shrimp pellets and it has been shrimp pellets for the last 5 years. He is 14 yrs old now and still going strong although I have noticed he isnt like a dog at feeding time anymore. He doesnt wag as much as he used to and somedays doesnt even wag at all. But at 14 I dont expect him to want to do all that wagging up top anymore. He is the absolute best fish I have ever owned so far and has kept me entertained all these years.

Jennifer - 2005-08-14
I inherited a 100 gal tank and 2 Jack Dempseys. When moving them they got a 90% water change and a tank rearranging. Their heat got turned up to 78 or 80 degrees for 2-3 days. They started jaw-locking and they next thing i knew they had uncovered the ug filter and layed the eggs right on top. For awhile i though they were all dead or decaying because they were attacked by egg fungus. They had all gone under the filter and didn't come out until they were free swimming. I love Jack Dempseys now and have been reading everything i can get my hands on since. My female (and I know that she is by now) has red edging to her dorsal fin. She is very bright and beautiful with her fry swimming around. She charges at anything coming at the glass.

eric latorre - 2005-08-07
i have 4 jack dempseys and 2 large silver barbs. they are getting too big for their 30 gallon tank and they ate two of my siamese algae eaters. i just set up a new 50 gallon acrylic tank just for them and am waiting for the water to cycle. im gonna buy 2 flowerhorn cichlids. they are so beautiful when they get big.

Bruce - 2005-08-07

-[?]- - 2005-08-04
These are some aggresive fish. i had a pair in a tank. i went downstairs to feed my other fish and when i came back up the snail that was in that tank was eaten. The pair are the only fish in the tank for now and they look very good in a well planted tank. i personally like the fish with lighter coloured plants, green looks great, but i have a black plant and they blend into it. I would really recommend these fish to everybody. very nice fish, look great, and love to eat.

kimberly timmons - 2005-07-20
I have a ten gallon tank with five jack dempseys. There are two that are big and black and three that are light brown. When I first got my dempseys, I asked the pet store what can go in the tank with them. She told me oscars, so I bought two. I put them both in the tank. My dempseys started swiming around them and I went back to the couch to watch t.v. After awhile I went over to feed them and one was dead. In the morning the other was dead. I told my boyfiend that we really got some mean fish as they did not give the other fish time to swim around the tank. We have had our dempseys for three months and I love them so much. I will be getting a 30 gallon tank so they can have more room to swim around in. My boyfriend will lay in front of the tank and watch them for hours. Right now I don't which ones are male or female, but soon I will know.

carol Watkins - 2005-06-19
I have 2 Jack Dempseys, best fish in the world. Finally figured out which was the male after a year. Three days ago I looked in my tank and there are almost 500 babies in there. Guess how shocked I was. Whats a girl to do with all those babies. I have 5 tanks already two 55 gallon, one 30 gallon, and one 20 gallon. Looks like i need to open a pet store.

Ophelia - 2005-05-28
We have 2 Jack Dempsey, got them both a few months ago at roughly an inch and a half each. Now the one that was slightly bigger is getting really big while the other one hasn't grown much. The big one chases the little one a lot so the little ones always hiding. We've been unsuccessful adding any fish to the tank. They do have amazing color, though!