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The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is one of the most interesting and beautiful of the American cichlids!
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riley - 2009-02-11
Hi, Ii got a new gold severum. Now it is the same size as my texas, but it is a wimp. It's afraid of the texas and strangely the 1 inch dempsey, lol. My dempsey won't allow any fish to take over his treasure chest hiding spot. He shoved my gold severum outta the way, then bit it. So far my texas has tried liplocking with both. I think it is entertaining to see. I think the gold severum is a waste of 14$, but my parents say it brightens up the tank with its yellow. My texas is starting to get these turquoise shiny speckles and my dempsey is getting these glittery dots on his sides. I find them rather pretty fish, they are a fish to be proud of. All hail jack dempseys, =D

riley - 2009-02-10
Hi, I have a 1 inch dempsey with a 2 inch texas cichlid in a 20 gallon. I plan on getting at least a 50 gallon when they are a bit bigger and a few more hiding places. I love my fish, I've heard dempseys can be rather playful.

Keith Tressler - 2009-01-26
I have 2 jack dempsey 2 kissing fish 2 oscars 2 convicts and some assorted bottom feeders. The oscars, kissing fish, and the dempseys, get along great and so did the convicts until the convicts had babies. That I think is cool, but my point is they all get along fine other then mommy and daddy guarding their young. And I can't blame them, I protect my kids, so it's great that they do.
Keith from Pa

jim - 2008-12-14
believe the hype. dempseys are the baddest tropical fish you can easily get. Period. I had one when I was a kid, and he wiped out the whole tank and lived alone for nearly 10 years. Now my brother has a full grown male, about 8", in a 55 gallon tank and this jack also wiped out all of his tank mates. He has tried every fish he could find; oscars, red devils, red terrors, the dreaded green terror, and other assorted cichlids, and "jack" has killed them all within hours of them being placed in his tank. Now this fish is beautiful, amazing coloring, but they seem to be loners. So if you want a tank full of pretty fish, don't get a demsey. (by the way, I just got a 55 gallon tank myself and filled it with 10 tiny, maybe 1", assorted cichlids and, yes, I put a demsey in there. Wish me luck!!)

Anonymous - 2008-11-06
I have 2 Oscars and a Jack Dempsy. I just got them a few days ago from the pet store and the JD won't stop harassing the Oscars The aggression just seems to get worse every day. I don't know what to do. I'm also afraid I'm over feeding them trying to make him less territorial over food. I don't know if they are males or females either because I let my dad pick them out so I don't know if that is a factor or not. Both Oscars are huddled up in the corner of the tank hiding from Jack. Plus Jack is a little smaller than the Oscars so I really just don't get it. Help please!

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-17
    You should get a tank divider, leave it in there for a week or two until the jack learns to ignore the oscars, and after you take the didvider out if it still happens, put it in for another week or two
Susan - 2008-10-28
Okay, I have two JD's and I'm not sure which one is the male or female, or if in fact I have a male and female. It could be I have two of the same sex. But the question is, one of them is getting really fat like it could be full of eggs. Do they get fat when full of eggs? Just wondering if I need to be watching for babies soon. Okay well thanks

Stephanie - 2008-10-20
Hi everyone, I have two JD's and several convicts along with other cichlids and they have been together for six years now. They do well in this group, I have given them hiding places and the plants they love. My convicts are always having babies, they are very aggressive at protecting them too. I have had tanks since I was five years old and I have to say that I have enjoyed having the cichlids the most.

Brian D. - 2008-10-19
Hello everyone! Today I've bought an Oscar, a Green Terror, and a Jack Jempsey. They are all tankmates, just the three of them. The Green Terror and Oscar seem to be the best of friends, but the Jack Dempsey is hiding. My guess is it's because they just changed tanks and that they are new to each other.

Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-10-13
Today I bought a JD and he's doing great with my other fish. He's shy but will come around later on and he's in the tank with a few Oscars, Convicts and Parrots. All in my 120 tank and all getting along well from what I can see now. My bigger Oscar, Tantrum doesn't mind him and leaves him alone and if anything JD helps find food for my Tantrum which is cool to watch, and they pair off sometimes leaving the younger Oscar, Tyke alone! Pretty cool fish and going well.

Lynn - 2008-08-20
my dempsey laid eggs yesterday, the eggs are white? are they good eggs and what should i do? thanks for your help.