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The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is one of the most interesting and beautiful of the American cichlids!
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Susan - 2008-10-28
Okay, I have two JD's and I'm not sure which one is the male or female, or if in fact I have a male and female. It could be I have two of the same sex. But the question is, one of them is getting really fat like it could be full of eggs. Do they get fat when full of eggs? Just wondering if I need to be watching for babies soon. Okay well thanks

Stephanie - 2008-10-20
Hi everyone, I have two JD's and several convicts along with other cichlids and they have been together for six years now. They do well in this group, I have given them hiding places and the plants they love. My convicts are always having babies, they are very aggressive at protecting them too. I have had tanks since I was five years old and I have to say that I have enjoyed having the cichlids the most.

Brian D. - 2008-10-19
Hello everyone! Today I've bought an Oscar, a Green Terror, and a Jack Jempsey. They are all tankmates, just the three of them. The Green Terror and Oscar seem to be the best of friends, but the Jack Dempsey is hiding. My guess is it's because they just changed tanks and that they are new to each other.

Asian Fisherman5893 - 2008-10-13
Today I bought a JD and he's doing great with my other fish. He's shy but will come around later on and he's in the tank with a few Oscars, Convicts and Parrots. All in my 120 tank and all getting along well from what I can see now. My bigger Oscar, Tantrum doesn't mind him and leaves him alone and if anything JD helps find food for my Tantrum which is cool to watch, and they pair off sometimes leaving the younger Oscar, Tyke alone! Pretty cool fish and going well.

Lynn - 2008-08-20
my dempsey laid eggs yesterday, the eggs are white? are they good eggs and what should i do? thanks for your help.

kellie roddy - 2008-07-31
`My freind bought me a pair of Dempseys last year and lo and behold they're a breeder pair. They are moving rock from one side to the other of the pit the male has dug. She's changed color completely getting the most awesome orange dots on her dorsal fin. I'm amazed. I've started feeding her worms, he won't eat them. They eat from my hand and have personalities. They rush to the front and top of tank as soon as I walk in the room. They beg. I'm getting ready to move in the next couple of weeks and don't know if I can move the tank or how to move the fish. I don't even know what the eggs look like. Can somebody please tell me what to look for. My male is about 7 inches long the female is about 5 and a half. He's chasing her around alot. I'm wondering if I should move her to a different tank at some point. Any answedrs you guys.

Josh Danielson - 2008-07-16
When I bought my JD's I only got them because I always heard about them. I put them in a 50 gal tank with some pleco's and a mixed variation of other cichlids. I bought 2 because I didn't want to just get one. Didn't know anything about JD's. But I noticed from the time I had gotten them that they never split up. Very calm and peacefull fish. They never did any mating rituals or anything like that. And one morning I woke up and they laid over 200 eggs on top and wrapped around a skull that I put inside the tank. I'd say about 50 of the eggs got all fuzzy and nothing came out, but the rest of them were wiggling around and now they are all swimming high and all around the tank freely. Dempsey's are a awesome fish to watch raise their fry. They won;t even eat, they just put everything in a stockpile for their young. The female always tries to come at me when I'm scooping out the youngins but when I put my hand in the tank she lets me touch her. Very awesome feeling. As a first time breeder. I still have about 120 babies swimming around the tank. I feed them baby brine shrimp and crushed flakes. Coors are turning out awesome. Although I must say I was never planning on breeding but now I can't take my eyes off the tank.

sara morrell - 2007-11-25
I have 4 jD's in a 100 gallon tank and they all started to breed. I was surprised at how fast they breed, I got them a month ago. I really hadn't planned on getting them but when i saw them i just had to buy them. My mom was excited to see i had a new hobby instead of breeding gerbils and she now wants to buy 2 more, so we are getting a bigger tank. I told her that my jd's layed a massacre of eggs and now she has a 55 gallon in her living room with 2 of my jD's and about 200 eggs. I am not going to let her have my to best ones so she got the ones i didn't favor, but i love them all the same. Now i have so many fry it looks like a cloud is following the female.

mark - 2007-09-28
I got 2 JD's for my birthday last year, about 2''. I loved their colors. They grew pretty fast, I never knew much about these fish. About 2 months ago I saw my male with something stuck in his mouth, it was an albino Cory catfish. He couldn't swallow it or spit it out either. He didn't seem to mind me holding him while I took some tweezers and pulled the cory out. Well about a month later he did the same thing again. It seemed like he knew what to do because he sorta swam over to me and waited for me to hold him and pulled out the cory again. Both catfish are still alive and well. I didn't really think about it, but the corys are the same color as the rosys that I feed the JD's, so I moved them to a different tank. I've seen them digging out a hole in the gravel and the female hiding in a vase the last couple weeks. Well Sunday I was changing my filters and found baby JD's in the filter water. So now I'm a new Grandad and waiting to see if any other little guys start to appear!

Tena - 2007-09-25
I have a Jack Dempsey and he is really strange. He will pick up rocks from the bottom of the tank and spit them out on the other side of the tank or at the Pleco that's in there with him. I would really like to find out why and if there's something I could do for him so he will stop this behavior.