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The Jack Dempsey Cichlid is one of the most interesting and beautiful of the American cichlids!
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Jon Hurley - 2009-03-29
I just got a JD today and he is already my favorite fish. I have an oscar that tries to boss him around (might I add that he is 3x his size), but the JD is boss. Whenever I walk into the room he shoots back into his little cave. I also HAD guppies for the oscar to eat, but guess who ate them! If anyone knows tricks on how I can get him to like me, pls add in your next comment! Hope you definitely get one!

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  • TT - 2010-04-07
    In spite of being aggressive, JD's are quite shy. Give your fish some time to acclimate to his/her new home. If that does not work, and if you are willing to perform a weekly water change, (1/4 of the tank should suffice, given that you have a larger aquarium-55 gal.+) introduce some "dither" fish (fish that are non-agressive, but are large enough to take care of themselves- I have had luck with larger silver dollars and plecos, the former tend to swim around more actively). This should signal to your JD that it is safe to show himself. Hope this helps, and good luck.
  • roy doplans - 2010-04-09
    Try taking every thing out of the tank for it to hide in.
  • Ray - 2011-01-13
    JD's are very intelligent as fish go and will not only learn to know that people equal food, but sometimes will recognize their owner specifically. They ALL have their own personality traits.

    Fish have a sensitive nose, and will associate your presence with the odor of food. Pretty soon he will beg at the glass when you walk into the room. I have a mated pair who both will take cichlid sticks or mealworms from my fingers at the surface. Give him time and he will amaze you more every day.

    BTW he may hide a lot at first. If it continues, you might try adding some Giant Danios (5 or 6) in with him. Seeing other fish out in the open and unharmed makes a Dempsey feel more comfortable. He may catch one now and again when he gets larger, but they're fast enough that he'll have a difficult time of it. Dempseys and Danios both like to jump though so cover your tank completely. Good choice and good luck.
RW - 2010-10-25
I have a jack dempsey and just put him in a new tank. He has been really aggressive the past few days and I figured he needed a bigger tank, since he was only in a 10 gal. I got him in the new one, and now he just lays on the bottom on his side...he gets up and a darts around from time to time, but I'm not sure what else to do?

Please help if you think you know whats up.


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  • JH - 2010-12-07
    If you don't all ready have more JDs in there you should put more in there (females). You can tell if they're females if they have a little patch of light scales on the side of them and they don't have as many spots as the male. -JH
shad - 2010-11-14
I have a 7 in electric blue jack dempsey in a 55 gal and just bought a small young texas cichlid. For now I keep the texas in a small 10 gal sick tank until I can find out if it's safe to put him in with my eb jack. If anyone can inform me please do.

nevar0185 - 2010-06-07
I have just had my fish lay for the second time. The first got eaten by my little texas, this time I might set up my other tank and take out the texas and my red forest jewel. It's been 4 weeks since they last laid, I have a half blue jack so it would be cool to see some grow up this time.

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  • the fish whisperer - 2010-06-21
    I have been breeding JDs for a year now. I have 2 adults and over 700 fry. I'm running 6 large tanks and I still need more room!
Rachel - 2010-05-16
I currently have a 55 gal. but am soon to get a 175 gal. I have a 3 in. texas cichlid, and 3 2-4 in. tinfoil barbs, and am interested in getting a JD once my large tank arrives. Any suggestions on how to make it a success or warnings? Or perhaps any other tank mates that would be compatible? Thanks.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-23
    Make sure your floor will support the weight! Make sure your floor will support the weight
  • nevar0185 - 2010-06-07
    I think redforest jewels are good tank mates for jd's
  • Aaron - 2010-06-13
    I have a large JD in my tank with a parrot cichlid, a tiger oscar, and a large lima catfish they all get along quite well.
Erick - 2009-06-15
I got a JD the other day and it seems healthy, but I got a BLUE JD and it seems not to eat and gets chased around by my other Jack Dempsey...what can I do to stop this?

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  • Katie - 2010-03-05
    Try rearranging the decor. Sometimes this will help defer aggression for a while.
shaquan trimmier - 2009-02-22
I've just bought a jd, 3 angels, and 3 convicts. The angels and convicts are best friends but the jd is the most aggressive. He killed 1 of my convicts and all my angels. Every fish I get, he kills it... my red devil; green terror; texas cichlid and my oscar, can anyone help me.

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  • grady - 2010-02-20
    Put a small mirror at one end of the tank, to keep him busy fighting himself.
riley - 2009-02-21
They killed my gold severum. Now I have another jd a bit bigger then my texas. They lip locked twice but now my texas chases it and it won't fight back. I heard it will fight back after awhile. The original jd is doing great, he likes ham and turkey =D

riley - 2009-02-15
Hey, I got a gold severum in with my jd and texas now. I fed them a few live feeders and my texas ate all 3 of the feeders in 2 hours, lol.

riley - 2009-02-11
Hi, Ii got a new gold severum. Now it is the same size as my texas, but it is a wimp. It's afraid of the texas and strangely the 1 inch dempsey, lol. My dempsey won't allow any fish to take over his treasure chest hiding spot. He shoved my gold severum outta the way, then bit it. So far my texas has tried liplocking with both. I think it is entertaining to see. I think the gold severum is a waste of 14$, but my parents say it brightens up the tank with its yellow. My texas is starting to get these turquoise shiny speckles and my dempsey is getting these glittery dots on his sides. I find them rather pretty fish, they are a fish to be proud of. All hail jack dempseys, =D