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An exotic beauty, the mature Green Terror will display a rainbow of exquisite colors!
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Tara - 2008-05-31
The Green Terror is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful cichlid. I currently have two males. One is nine inches and housed in a 75 gallon tank...alone. The tank is decorated with driftwood, rocks, and various plants. He's alone because he has not played well with others since he was approximately five inches long. At seven inches he was such a "terror" that I had to assign him his own home. The other is six inches and is housed in a 75 gallon with a dempsey and convict. I can't detect a tank leader, though the dempsey seems to be the most aggressive. But neither the terror or convict have ever really backed down when the dempsey shows aggession. Theres some posturing, flaring, but rarely more than that. The nine inch terror is named "Damien". The other terror is "Orion". The dempsey is named "Rambo" and the convict is "Capone". The two Green Terrors are the most personable and in many ways remind of Oscars in terms of how they interact with me. They are always the first to notice my approach and are always "dancing" to get my attention. Over the years I have owned various cichlids, everything from Oscars to Red Devils. Through it all the Green Terror has always been a constant in my aquarium tanks.

Leon - 2008-01-21
I have a Green Terror named "Passion" thats about 2 years old. Green Terrors are some times very peaceful. These guys will eat anything you throw at them. He gets along well with my 2 oscars. Green terrors are very dirty fish so clean the tank every month or so. Well my green terror really hates fish that are colorful such as jack dempseys or rainbow fish. Green terrors grow quick so a good 55 gallon tank or larger is preferred.