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A long time staple of the fishkeeping hobby, the Golden Severum is a beautful and fun cichlid!
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Jodie - 2010-06-13
I haven't a clue if mines a males or female, sooooo confused! It hasn't got many squiggles but does have point fins, help me!

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  • Garett - 2010-08-17
    Hi, That sounds like a female to me, Fins aren't the most reliable in most cases mostly look at the squiggles.
  • Anonymous - 2010-12-04
    Both male and females can have long pointed fins and is not an accurate way of determining the sex of severums.
Sarah - 2010-05-15
IMO the best fish you can keep. Smart, cute, funny, and peaceful. It's funny how they say severums are smaller then the discus. The severum can get to be 12" long and has a much thicker body then the discus who is very slim. Severums are chunky fish.

They are can live well with other severums if raised with them. Keeping 3 or more males is your best bet but you will need a 100 + gal tank for more then 2. I have a green severum and a red spot severum. I love these fish and if I could only keep one type of fish this would be it. They are great. Mine eats from my hand and likes to show off.

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  • Kathleen - 2010-06-21
    My green severum eats from my hand as well. He also likes to play - with the plastic zucchini holder, a sea shell, the heater (ack!), but not the ping pong ball. I'll have to try to anchor it to the bottom or add some weight to it. I need a bigger tank so I can get him a friend. Right now there are just a couple of plecos and one other small fish.
  • michale - 2010-11-19
    I have nine frontosas, they are five or six inches now. I decided to keep a red severum can you tell me how to feed them as you say yours eat from your hand and likes to show off and which temperature they can survive?
jen - 2008-04-01
We had our severums, a gold & green, in our 125 until two days ago and then we put them in their own tank. They laid eggs today, 4-1-08, I guess about 500 or so. Now he is protecting them from her, she did get in and get a couple. So I think we will wait and see, hopefully he will still protect them. This is their first batch.

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  • somu - 2010-10-24
    Nothing to get worried...
riley - 2009-02-21
Gold severums don't do good in my tank. I had a texas which is 2-3 inches and a jack dempsey 1 inch. They killed a 2.4 inch gold severum I got. Now I have a 3 inch jack dempsey and my texas gives it a run for its money.

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  • Bill Off - 2010-08-27
    Why would you put Severums in with aggressive fish, are you insane?
tom - 2009-04-14
My green severums have had one batch of eggs, which they ate, learning I guess. At the moment they are lip locked playing tug-of-war around the tank. I would recommend them to everyone, hopefully I'll get a successful spawn!

corey - 2009-01-07
Well, I don't want to brag, but I have the nicest gold severum male in the world. He is the brightest yellow colour and orange spots everywhere. He also has a girl, too. I got them at separate times and they have formed a good bond. They are forever breeding and the babies are the cutest things. I am looking at get a pair of green severums.