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Look no further than the Frontosa Cichlid for a majestic and commanding presence in your aquarium!
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sepehr from tabriz - 2010-03-28
How can we know the difference beetween male and female frontosa?

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  • Josh - 2010-08-21
    Gennerally the males hump on it's head will be larger than a females.
Rick - 2010-05-08
I have 2 frontosa in a 40 gal. They are 3 inch. Is this ok for now?

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  • una - 2010-06-27
    Yes but not for long they grow very fast and should be kept in at least a 55 gal and no more than 5 of them. A larger tank is better.
tim - 2010-03-23
I started getting frontosas around 4 months ago. They are the best fish ever and hold their price although you can sometimes get good prices on them from people that just got bored of them. Like when i bought 8 frontosas at one time ranging from 6-12in
all 8 for $80 usd. Thats like someone giving them away for free. The big male is worth around $150 alone he is 12 in big hump. I started with 1 burundi frontosa now i have 11 fronts in my tank.

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  • Raymond - 2010-06-14
    Hi Tim,
    where you buy your frontosa? I also just started to buy 2 in 2wk ago. 2 at S$50.
Anonymous - 2010-03-13
I am currently interested in getting a blue moori and a frontosa but what I'm wondering is can I keep them in my 55 gallon tank till they get kinda big and then move them to a 120 or do I need to have a 120 gallon tank just for one frontosa? The pet store here has a wide variety of cichlids in one tank, it can't be more than 100 gallons and they have at least 10 fish in it and their frontosa is very happy. Does anyone have any tips to make my cichlids respond to my hand or me or do they just memorize who feeds them?

chris - 2008-01-17
I have a large tank with several Kapampa Zaire Violet Frontosas and they are awesome. I'm am curious about the poster that said they had their tetras and neons disappear from their tank. A properly set up cichlid tank wouldn't be especially conducive to the neons and tetras for one thing, and for another . . . well Cichlids do tend to be carnivorous and little fish are sort of part of their diet. Given that information, a species tank is definitely a worthwhile way to go. At least in my opinion.

Dan - 2007-11-02
If you consider Frontosa, keep in mind that they get *old*.
My alpha male died a couple of months ago, having reached an age of 23 years - You have been warned!


Rob - 2006-11-27
just purchased a baby front for $30 AU. in the body of the info it says they leave plants alone, but in some of the reports it says they have been pulling them up. i hope i can keep my plants nice and safe!

Kurtis Cochrane - 2005-12-12
I have 2 frontosa's and they love smaller fish for lunch. they do grow very fast as they are about 7-8 in with room to move in a 200 gallon tank.

Dena Bland - 2005-09-29
We purchased 2 Fronts at a local petsmart. approx $4-7.00. They are beautiful however they do get LARGE quickly. Ours outgrew our 30 gal tank in about 6 months. We gave them away when they were about 7-8 ins long. Beware also if your smaller tetras seem to disappear. we could not keep neons in numbers, they kept disappearing. Also the fronts were always pulling up the plants and moving rocks. I feel they would be happier in larger tanks.100-200gal.