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Look no further than the Frontosa Cichlid for a majestic and commanding presence in your aquarium!
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Colin - 2006-10-08
Frontosa juvies aren't neccesarily expensive. I get mine for around 7 dollars at about an inch long. But once they start growing their price goes up exponentially. 3-4 inchers can be up to 50 bucks, commonly. It also depends on what area the frontosas are from. The different color morphs can be more/less expensive. So its really kind of luck of the draw. But they are a very cool fish, and I would suggest that if you find some for a good price and have the capacity to keep them, then it would be worthwhile. Just don't keep them long term in anything under 125 gallons.

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  • Tricia Tilley - 2014-05-30
    Hi I know frontosas like different perimeter water. Hard. But to be honest I think they are a pretty hardy cichlids. I have mixed my fronts with angels. Kribenses also now have them with my golden severums and firemouths with no problems. They don't fight, they aren't aggressive towards others. I love my pups. But I also have a spare 125 litre tank which now I have put sand and stones in so I will be putting them into that tank soon as it would be nice to see to see them in my living room and not in my bedroom. But I think they are beautiful, I have 4 and they are still young. But one is getting the hump coming as the rest just look like females at the moment. But when venting them the one with the hump looks like a female. So I'm not sure. They say closer the holes the females and further the holes the males. But in that case I have 4 females. But one is getting the hump and they are only about 3 to 4 inches long the biggest one is the one with a hump coming. So that's got to be male. 😯
  • David Melrose - 2014-09-30
    Sexing can be difficult up until an egg or two has been popped. Females have one hole larger than the other. Males are both the same size. Young females also looks the same size so only when an egg or two has popped can you truly tell by venting. Hope this helps in your sexing1
Tammy G - 2005-12-31
These fish are great I have 5 and they are worth the money. They are nice to watch. They have there own attitudes and they can be trained. My big male is 9in and he comes and gets the food from my hand! He is the first to eat and thinks every time I come to the tank it is to feed him. But let someone else go to the tank it is like I have no fish they hide. Well I have been at this for 2 years and I have now a total of 4 fish tanks they are really cool but when something goes wrong and they do get sick they can cost a lot. Have a great day thanks.

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  • Terry - 2013-10-07
    Linda, I have four frontosas in a 180 gallon tank. They do get pretty large but take a long time to grow. They are carnivores so a good protein diet is good.
  • Linda - 2013-10-02
    Tammy, I am new to Frontosa's. I just purchased three youngsters, would love to hear from someone who also has them. I continue to hear details on what to do and not to do, most doesn't make much sense to me. I can't tell how old your post is, so I hope you are still around. Thanks.
  • pam - 2013-12-27
    How can you tell male from female? We have 2, one has a more extended mouth. But one has a large lump on his head. My husband thinks it's a female.
  • Stacylee - 2014-02-20
    Hi how can u tell male to female frontosa
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-20
    Stacylee please read the 'Sex: Sexual differences' section above... it says 'male is larger, and often has a more pronounced cranial hump'
tilapia43 - 2012-06-23
To my fellow frontosa-lovers, can you tell me how many frontosas do you have, what are their sizes, and the size of your tank. Let me know if you have other fishes in your frontosa tank. Thank you.

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  • Drew - 2012-09-17
    I love frontosas. They are by far my favorite african. I had a great pair that I lost a few years ago during a huricane that caused us to loose power for weeks. The lack of heat, inconsistent aeration and poor water circulation was eventually too much. It was heart breaking because they were about 5 years old and were finally starting to mature. I just recently began pursuing them again and now have two. I'm looking to add one more to the family. I like to take my time acquiring them and never get more than one from the same source as I prefer that they are not related. I love to pair them with yellow labs. Their colors compliment each other so well. Labs too aren't that aggressive so they get along well. Plus, labs breed easily so they keep the tank interesting. I find a minimal number of tropheus and brichardi keep things interesting and are suitable tank mates as long as the frontosas have a chance to grow up a little first. Current set up... 80 gallon bow front 2 x 2' frontosas (separate sources of course) 6 x 1' yellow labs (bought in pairs from separate sources) 2 x small monos 2 x juvenile tropheus (duboisi & namansi) 1 x brichardi (suflower)
  • Jenni - 2013-03-12
    I have 2 in my 4 foot(180 litre) tank... 1 male about 20 cm long and the 2 nd about 10 cm I also have a large blue cichlid that used to dominate the tank... 3 bristle noses and 13 small yellow and red cichlid. ... Never had any trouble... They all get along very well... A very peaceful and quiet tank
tre - 2004-09-16
I disagree with your comment about these fish being rare and expensive. There is a place right down the street from my house that has tons of these fish. They are also cheap... juveniles can be purchased for about $12.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-18
    Thanks for your input, we need to re-visit that section since they are much more available today... and as you pointed out, much less expensive than in the past!
dean.p - 2004-12-20
fronts are expensive, about 30-40 dollars for a juvy over in australia. adults can be $150, wild caught specimens can be $200, but these fish are well worth the price and i would recommend them to anyone who had the money.

Ruben - 2012-03-06
How do I tell when my 6 strip frontosa is pregnant?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-07
    She will get fatter.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-07
    Frontosa's are mouth breeders. You will see the female carring the eggs in her mouth.
  • Josh Spencer - 2012-06-17
    she will also not eat much if at all, her mouth will look full like a chipmunk
tilapia43 - 2012-06-23
I have been amazed with Frontosa's for years now. If you will have one or two in your tank, make sure that you do not have any aggressive cichlids in your tank, i.e., mbunas, red devils, managuense cichlids, etc. Frontosas are peaceful cichlids. They are susceptible to bloating (evidenced by them floating on top of the surface of the water). Two options to cure bloating - first one being treating your tank with epsom salts & turning off the lights for several days and no feeding. The other option - I do not recommend since it involves sticking a needle into your frontosa (just google for the procedure and it will walk you through on how to do it). Lastly, they like to hang around with other frontosas.

Josh Spencer - 2012-06-17
We just bought our first Frontosa and are quite content. It's a beautiful tanganyikan. We have many south and central Americans and African rift lake cichlids. What we are looking for most is an extremely rare tanganyikan neolamprologus christyi. If any one knows someone who breeds them please let us know. thank you

Jason Tolbert - 2012-05-21
I still have about 25 fry left. (various sizes) I also have a pair of breeding Fronts. I would let go to the right home at a reasonable price!(The Male is 5yrs. old and the female is about 4 yrs.) However my email address has changed. Sorry for the inconvenience. I can be reached at

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  • Chris - 2012-06-08
    I'm interested in your frontosa if they are still available.... My # is 802-522-7733. Thanks. Chris
Jason Tolbert - 2012-03-02
I have 2 absolutely gorgeous adult (6 striped) Frontosas that started breeding a few months ago (about 4 months). I have approximately 35 beautiful fry for sale. Located in Williamstown Vt. Please contact at

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  • Chris - 2012-06-05
    Hello Jason. My name is Chris, I live in Barre VT. I saw your post while researching Frontosas. Do you still have them available? My # is 802-522-7733..... Thanks