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The striking and unique Flowerhorn Cichlid hybrid is a gorgeous way to make a statement and get that "Wow!" factor in your aquarium!
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Kelsang Lhundup - 2014-11-10
I want a flowerhorn fish

John Barthel - 2014-03-21
Think my cichlid is a flowerhorn. Aggressive towards anything and everything, but she's a basebreeder, lays clear eggs on rocks, back of the tank. Fish is bigger, 12' softball top to bottom, looking at her from the side about 10' long. I inherited fish from my sister but can't get any info from her, how can I be sure what kind of fish she is?

Mayank Dusane - 2013-11-17
What kind of meaty food can I feed my flowerhorn as you have strictly said not to feed them beef heart of any other meat?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Beef heart was fed to large cichlids for many years, but it is now known that it can cause digestive problems. It can still be fed, but should be done more sparingly. The foods and feeding section above suggests.. 'a good mixture of high quality cichlid pellets, krill, frozen bloodworms, earthworms, night crawlers, crickets, and carotene enhanced supplements.  Feeder fish can be used, but because they can carry parasites it's best to keep them in a quarantine tank and make sure they are disease free before feeding them.
ankitroy - 2013-06-01
Can a flowerhorn be introduced in a community tank, with a silver aro(2 ft) and a ghost knife(13 inch) and a giant gourami(7 inch) tank size 450 gallons.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-02
    Well, we just talked about your three fish in the comments on the Giant Gourami page, so given that... and the info above about this fishes social behaviors (not community and aggressive). I think you can conclude it would be quite  risky:)
Dhoni - 2013-01-12
My flowerhorn didnt eaten for a month....his eyes are turned to blur....fins are was changed to black...Pls help me guys...wat to do?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-13
    What have you tried so far?  What are you water levels?  I would recommend that you treat with a combination of Metronidazole and Nitrofuranace.  But I do not know what you tried yet.
afan mughal - 2013-02-10
His age is almost 2 years. One week before I changed its aquariums water. But last week he's eating nothing and sits all the time in one area?

karthi das - 2012-12-31
pls help me guys.... my 1 year old flower horn not eating...almost a week is over.... he is staying at the bottom... sometimes he is floating with his head upwards... is he going to die? how should i recover him????????

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-31
    Start with checking your water levels.  I would add some air stones to the tank as well..
  • aaryan - 2013-01-16
    Deworm your fish. . You can get dewormin kit from pet shop
shreyas - 2012-11-12
plz help me my flowerhorn fish is sick its putting its head up and parking near the corner of the tank and refuses to eat the food plz say me the treatment for it plz

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-12
    Do a check of your water levels.  Make sure Amonia isn't too high.  I would do a good water change.  Maybe add some live feeders to see if you can get it's natural instincts to hunt going.  Any others signs or symptoms physically with this fish?
Amir - 2010-06-07
Hello. I want to know that how I can make a big head for my flowerhorn? Please help me about this question. I write for you from Iran.

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  • shiva - 2010-06-18
    Hello, amir I am shiva from india you can make a big head it name is huppy head feed him flower horn food like, xo huppyhead food very useful.
  • santosh - 2010-07-19
    Feed him good gran sumo pellets and live worms. He will grow soon.
  • King - 2010-11-07
    Supplements are good but remember that the size of the Kok (horn) still depends on the genes of the FH.
  • Anonymous - 2011-04-27
    Taiyo humpy head give this food to that fish then its head grows usually
  • Brandon Smith - 2011-06-22
    The size of your Flowerhorns nuchal hump is mostly determined by its genetics. Feeding high quality pellets such as New Life Spectrum and Hikari Bio-Gold+ will bring it to the maximum size it can reach.
  • raghu - 2011-08-09
    Amir, I totally agree with Shiva, King and Brandon Smith. Even I'm using humpy head for our flower fish. I say it's the happiest. It also depends on the genes of the fish quality and even depends on its sex because males have clearer hump than females.
leonard stanley - 2011-02-25
Can flowerhorns lay fertilized eggs on there own?

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  • raghu - 2011-08-09
    Leonard Stanley, no, females lay eggs and the male fertilize it.