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The beautiful Firemouth Cichlid is known for its distinctive shape and fiery red colors.
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William - 2006-06-01
they should be called firegill cichlids

Liz - 2005-09-27
The Firemouth are also found in the wild on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

JoeBaka - 2005-07-21
I have 3 firemouths that were in a 29 gallon, but now they're in a ten gallon, and they're going to be in a 55 for the rest of their life in a few days. They are a little more aggressive than people say they are against small fish, but they get along great with my dwarf cichlids. Im separating the silver dollar from them because of their aggressive tendencies, but i must say, they are funny when they coast back and forth with their gill plates and team up with other fish to "rule the world"

Mike Ock - 2004-09-05
i have a goldfish that is a foot and a half long with two firemouths that are also a foot and a half long. I used to have another firemouth and an oscar that were around 8 inches long, but my goldfish swallowed them. I know it sounds hard to believe, but its true!

Matt - 2004-05-21
i have six firemouth cichlids that are about 2" long there in a 2 foot aquarium at the momont with 2 parrot cichlids but in soon gonna get them a 4 foot tank i think ive got 3 males and 3 females .they are in my opinion the best looking cichlids i know

Justin Hollins - 2004-05-14
I have had Firemouth cichlids for about four years, and I think they
are awsome fish. I failed in breeding them because my female died. If you want to breed these fish you need to take care of them and give them lots of attention, or you won`t breed them. But if you dont want to breed them then it will bee alot esier on you.