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The beautiful Firemouth Cichlid is known for its distinctive shape and fiery red colors.
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Amy - 2010-11-13
I have a Firemouth he has what looks like a worm growing out of his top fin. He also has one on his gill. I treated the tank with coppersafe and it looked like it was going away. But it has come back. I have 2 Jack Dempseys and they are fine. My Firemouth is eating well and is not acting sick. I don't know what it is.

Julian - 2010-04-11
I have a 30 gal tank with 1 Para Pleco (L75), 2 Silver Dollars, and 2 firemouths. I am wondering when the firemouths get their color? They are 1" and 2" long. Will they develop the color as they get bigger or is it poor genetics? Also the larger one picks on the smaller one constantly, any tips on how to fix this?

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  • troy - 2010-09-07
    You need more firemouths so they get in a group and one doesn't pick on another one.
John Occhiogrosso - 2010-08-08
Being they are generally peaceful can you keep Firemouths with Discus Fish who are also of an easy going nature.

John O

Tasha - 2009-11-03
We have a 220 gallon tank with a nice mix of fish. We have a 15 yr old Jack Dempsey, a 5 yr old Oscar, 2 algie eaters, another ciclid plus a pictus catfish, and the fire mouth and our eel. They all get along very well. The fire mouth has added a fun dynamic to the tank, I call him Darrel, he is very peaceful and quite a pig. We love him very much and I spend a good bit of time at the side of the tank just watching him. Easy fish to take care of.

Dorian Gardner - 2009-09-05
I just purchased two of these beauties for my 30 gallon and I am very pleased with them and I plan on buying more of these beautiful cichlids. And for anyone new to the aquarium hobby I say you should buy you a couple of these cichlids.

J - 2009-03-12
I have 2 young firemouths that I purchased about 3 months ago. They are in a mixed tank with a blue acara and a very large Opaline Gourami and a few other oddballs I've collected over the years from the wilds of the local pet store. They provide a lot of entertainment, and hold their own very well against a couple of the larger fish. Very scrappy and extremely pretty.

Todd - 2008-01-08
An extremely strong fish! I originally purchased a pair of Firemouths at the small size of around 5cm. Since then we have lost the smaller one and have a male left. He is now around 12cm. He constantly fights with 2 other convicts that live in the tank and will take them on at the same time. He always gets himself beaten up, missing scales, torn fins etc and always come back to good again. A great display when he is all flared up - he is all show though, he never bites the other fish!

steve - 2007-10-07
I have a breeding pair of firemouths that are about 2.5 years old and have just had their fifth brood. i think they are the easist fish to breed for beginners and provide hours of fun just watching them.

Crazy Pete - 2006-09-02
i have personally seen firemouths in the cenotes in near Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula

Andrew - 2006-07-04
I have 3 Firemouth Cichlids and two of them are currently breeding. Instead of cleaning off a rock, they dug all the way down to the glass. They are getting very territorial and sometimes even almost killing the other fish.