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The bold striking colors of the Electric Yellow Cichlid have certainly helped it earn its name!
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chris - 2005-07-06
I have 2 Electric Yellows in a 29 gal. With about 10 other Convict Cichlids, 2 Plecos and 2 Catfish. They are extremely Peaceful fish even though my other fish are starting to get territorial on account of their new Fry

daniel - 2005-05-10
I recently got three electric yellows and ive found that one of those is extremely territorial and they all love to borrow, they have dug caves in the sand around most of my rocks.

Pam - 2005-04-07

I had recently purchased three Electric Yellow Cichlids, (2 inches), two Albino Oscars, (1.5 inches), and a pleco (3 inches). After reading how peaceful the "Yellows" were supposed to be, and being told that because they are the same size as the Oscars, they would all be fine in the tank (29 Gal.). Well, not true... my "Yellows" managed to kill one Oscar, and totally de-fin the other....which I am about to have mercy on the poor fella.... So beware, sometimes the most aggressive fish, become victim of the so called peaceful fish.

Bradley Uffner - 2005-02-12
I have 3 of these, and contrary to what is stated above, they are eating my hornwort plants. They do not seem to be bother any of the other types of plants though.

cheri raye - 2005-01-19
I have 2 yellow cichlids of opposite sex-and one fry- who is about 1/4 in long. There is a numerous amount of rocks of various sizes, and there are 5 or 6 caves of various sizes.
When I started changing the water on a weekly basis about, 40% out at a time, they started breeding- I have been watching them this week and the female just set up a place for her eggs where i cannot see them - but I know she no longer has her eggs in her mouth. There was another female, but she died just recently, I never did find her but when I was looking for her, I found the baby in between some rocks. they have given me alot of enjoyment and are very peaceful with the other cichlids in the tank. I have a 65 gallon plexiglass tank.

GS - 2005-01-04
I have two males and they are totally non-aggressive to the angelfish, silver dollars, green severum, algae eater, violet goby and baby Oscars I have in my tank. They are very lively and are continuously moving all over the tank at all water levels. Sometimes one or the other will school with either the angels or the dollars. They are all very happy together for now.

Dennis - 2004-12-12
I bought one of these along with a texas cichlid, a plecostamous, an algae eater, and a few other cichlids. He was extremely territorial, and killed most of my fish. the last fish, a texas cichlid just swam at the top of the tank on some plants, half dry and baked out of water, hoping to evade the electric yellow fishes wrath.

jesse - 2004-09-09
i have about twenty of these little suckers.they are really easy to take care of. i started out with 2 eletric yellow cichlids and one blue one. i suppose the fish cross breed because the fish i have now are half blue half yellow. and these fish are about a year old now and there mating with each other.
so i have a lot of these fish im willing to sell. and i did absolutly nothing to have these fish breed. in the same tank i have to blue gills and a pleco. and i have no problems with agression, but the cichlids i have now are only like a inch long and the stand right up to the big blue gill i have.

Gean - 2004-08-20
I have a few electric yellows. The female was awesome. Always played swimming in circles. Great movement in the tank. Sadly she died for no apparent reason. The male is a jerk. He bullies all the other fish. His lower jaw turns purple at times making him look like he needs a shave. He fights with my ahli. I am about to move him and the ahli into a tank together so they can leave the peaceful fish alone.

Jack Murray - 2004-06-28
I have 3 electric yellows and they are beautiful fish. They areabout 7 inches long and they love to hide. They come to the front of the tank when i feed them and they are quiet shy. They will stand up to my convicts which are breeding and are very agressive.