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The bold striking colors of the Electric Yellow Cichlid have certainly helped it earn its name!
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crystal - 2006-04-13
I have 8 of these Electric Yellows in a 55 gal tank, and although they are considered a peaceful fish, they do get quite aggressive towards each other at times: even so, I have never had them do any actual harm to each other. Of all my tanks, this one gets watched the most because these guys are always active and their coloring is beautiful! They also see me from across the room and start doing little dances whenever they think I'm headed their way. Quite an enjoyable fish!

kristen - 2006-04-01
These fish are very mean. I say this because I had 4 fish. 1 male electric, 1 female electric, 1 male beta, and 1 male fancy tail guppy. Well you see im still in school and day by day each one of my fish disappeared, until finally my male remained. But other than that this one fish recognizes me. i taught him to swim in a circle when he's hungry, so i give em so pellets.

they eat worms!

rex - 2006-03-05
I have a 48 gallon tank with two 4 inch yellow cichlids and two blue dolphins about the same size. I have hiding places for all of them and they all get along great. They get a little excited around feeding time but that's about it. They are best in larger tanks with plenty of hiding places. They don't eat anything off the bottom of the tank so i'm going to add a bottom feeder that will mix well with them. These fish can be highly aggressive but in the right surroundings they do fine.

FRED - 2006-02-20
i don't understand why people are claiming the electric yellow is mean. i had only one instance with mine acting even the least bit aggressive and it was only because it was checking out a new fish, it picked at it a few times, chased it around the tank, then left it alone. aside from that it lives in a tank with a good deal of feeder guppies and doesnt even bother them and they're tiny. of my three cichlids it is by far the least aggressive and very docile.

Kim - 2006-01-20
I just had a very bad experience with these beautiful fish. And they ARE NOT PEACEFUL! This fish nearly tore an entire fin off my Gorgeous Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. I had it in my tank for 10 days and it wreaked havoc!, claiming the bottom of a 20 gallon tank, with only the two of them in it! My poor Jack became sick from the stress and began to get serious fin damage so I returned the Lemon Yellow A seriously aggressive and teritorial fish.

Brook C. - 2005-12-22
The Electric Yellow Cichlid I have is only about 3 inches at this point. I believe it is a male, but regardless, he has been great! Quite a trooper! I accidently ended up cycling a 30 gallon freshwater tank with him and 2 gold Gouramis. I've had him 6 months now and he is still doing great, wonderful color, eating good, and peaceful. No matter what, he is always beautiful and I'm not afraid he'll die at any moment! (smiles) He inspired me to do a new cichlid tank.

Ron - 2005-12-10
Have 5 Yellow Labs recently transferred from 25 to a 33 gal. tank. I don't know why, but they seemed happier in the 25 gal tank - swimming into plants, harassing my 2 Corys and digging trenches in the gravel. The only occupant they (esp. the intensely coloured male) respected was my big kahuna of a Pleco. Perhaps, they are still adjusting to the new surroundings. I've arranged about 7 caves in their new home using Peridodite, Obsidian, and Sandstone, - and one hunk of Malaysian Driftwood. I hope I've not lowered the pH too much (by using the wood) since they LOVE HARD water. I'll try to add a few more snails for them to munch on. However, I still have to find a guideline to differentiate between the sexes, since the eggspot can reside on both Male AND Female...

sheena - 2005-10-14
I have had an electric yellow cichlid for about two years now. He was adopted from a friend who had a larger male that was beating him up. I had a fake wood log in my tank that he would hide in for the majority of the day. I recently removed this log and rearranged my tank. Within a few days I started noticing burrows because he cant hide in the log.
This is by far my favorite fish and can have quite a personality at times.

Stella - 2005-09-16
Lemon Yellow Cichlids are NOT peaceful! They are very, very aggressive. I have two that I bought blindly from Walmart. Within two days (if that) they had eaten two White Clouds and some tetras (my fault for mixing the fish). They are only about an inch so imagine all the damage they could do if they were bigger! I have a new cichlid of a different sort still floating in the bag waiting to be put in. The Yellows are circling the bag and attacking. So...peaceful? I think not.

jesse - 2005-08-12
I have found the the Electric Yellow are best when kept with other cichlids from central Africa. I have a Sunburst Peacock, a few Kenyis and a Frontosa in a 45 gal hex tank. I have 4 large porous rocks with lots of little pockets and large caves and two large plants. The Electric Yellow will be territorial if it is the biggest and will eat live plants, however I have never noticed any digging. They are striking and add great color to my tank.