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The bold striking colors of the Electric Yellow Cichlid have certainly helped it earn its name!
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Anonymous - 2007-12-01
I have 2 of them and a small male and large female kenyi in a 29 gallon tank, and they love it. I have many plants and a big crystal rock.

Meg - 2007-11-05
I have a male yellow lab that I have had for about 3 months now. He gets along well with my two other cichlids, although he did kill my peacock cichlid a few weeks ago. I also have a tropical catfish in the tank...and the two of them kind of pick on each other, but nothing serious. I really do love my "yellow lab" though. He is very friendly towards me and I really enjoy him. Want to get a couple of females to breed.

Anonymous - 2007-03-23
I have a young yellow Labidochromis in a 10 gallon with rockwork and pots. S/he already reconizes me after only 2 weeks. S/he will be moved to a 29 gallon tank in around 6-8 months. the fish lived happily with 3 tiger barbs in the 10 gallon for several weeks but the barbs are sick so they were separated. Overall smart, hardy , personal, and cute cichlid. Also stay small so can be housed in 29 gallon tanks!

cichlidering - 2007-02-24
I have 3 of these guys from 1 to 2 inches long. i totally enjoy them more than i do my guppies or goldfish, love feeding them. My labs are in a 20 long right now but am going to add them along with some other cichlids to my 55 gallon. I had two strands of ancharis/elodea in the tank and they totally robbed one of them of their leaves so i moved it to my guppy/goldfish tank . Java fern is the choice plant, they don't touch this in my tank, not even the newly grown leaves that grow off its adult leaves. Now not only are they great to feed, but they are great to watch because of their unique behavior from other cichlids i've seen.

Johnny Peters - 2007-02-17
I have 3 of these. They are very nice fish! One I have named "Groucho" because some black markings on his face make him look like the comedian.

mark - 2006-11-18
Great fish. I have 2 in my 15 gal along with 2 blue 'bar' morphs of the same size. They get along peacefully with my squad of 6 Tiger barbs. They are great for a relatively small tanks or limited space. Very curious and will attempt to bite my finger with their tiny little mouths whenever i feed or place it in.

- Great l'il fish!

Geena - 2006-09-03
I have had 3 cichild fish for two days now. They seem to really like the tank they are in so I am glad about that! I also have a filter on it too, so that the water can stay clean. I have one female, and I think the other two are males. But they get along great! I love the name electric yellow! It's so cute!

corey - 2006-09-01
I have 4 Electric Yellows in a 55 gal tank. For the most part they are very gentle towards my other fish, which include Tiger Barbs, single Bala Shark, Fancy Tailed Guppies and Black Skirt Tetras. They are not very territorial as they mingle all over the tank. Every once in a while they will turn agressive though. I had a beta in the tank and they took him as a buffet and tore him apart. I recently added a baby Jack Dempsey and they treat him well.

Luke - 2006-06-21
i have five yellows. and what you all must understand is that every fish is different whether its the same species or not. some yellows might be aggressive and some not. probably best that you dont feed them worms either. These fish are beautiful. i keep them by themselves too..soon to be having lots of little bubs :)

renee - 2006-04-23
I have had four yellows for a few months and they have proven to be my most peaceful cichlids. I have housed them with hornet zebras, electric blues, peacocks etc and the only time i have seen nastiness in them is when there is a change in their environment such as a new addition, acidic water, or too cold etc. They have also proven to be the most hardy of all my cichlids, for i wasnt thinking the other day when i cleaned out their tank and poisoned their water. Only six fish remained and adjusted to the poisonous water, four of which were all my yellows, followed by one of my hornet zebras and my red top zebra. They are perfectly fine now and I am very pleased they survived. They're so sweet!!