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The bold striking colors of the Electric Yellow Cichlid have certainly helped it earn its name!
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fish man - 2009-06-04
Hi, had a male Yellow for 6 months now he is about 4 1/2 inches raised with a female Convict. Just added a 1 1/2 small Yellow male along with 1 small Yellow female, and same size Acei. So far so good-fingers crossed! My big male Yellow likes to try and threaten the 2 small yellows but when he trys to threaten the Acei, the Acei stands him off with a look of ya, so what! How ever befor adding them I did do a water change along with re arranging the tank with lots more slate,rocks,caves ect. I have found that my large Yellow is very territorial from day 1 months back and loves to dig all the time. Anyways love the site.

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  • Chuck - 2010-09-05
    To answer the first persons question. I have had several yellow labs in a 135 gal. Tank and have had so many babies i sell them to the local pet store. It is normal for some labs to get this blackish bared look while some stay bright yellow. I am not sure why this is. I suspect it has to do with their rank in the tank but not sure. Also most of the darker ones seen to be females. The reason i know this is because i have seen them carry eggs. I have other cichlids with them and they will have babies more than almost any others. My demosonies are a close second but for some reason have a much higher survival rate. The young are just much smarter.
duncan - 2010-08-03
How to get mother cichlid to release her babies?

del - 2010-06-19
Hi... I recently bought two cichlids a tiger strip one and a yellow one... unfortunately the tiger striped one passed away... the yellow one was always the bully but he didn't die at her hands... the concern I have is tho... the water... I keep it clean and change it often and condition it... but I always get a layer of clear slick on the top of the water... and when I take it out of the tank it goes white if it's collected in one go... it's hard to describe... but I want to know what is causing it as it's a concern for the safety of the fish... any help would be appreciated...

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  • Anonymous - 2010-06-24
    It is nothing its just the mineral build up just lower the water level a little bit so the water coming out of the filter can break it up.
  • Donna Colley - 2010-07-25
    Wash your hands and arms before putting them in your tank - it may be oil, lotions etc. from your skin. If not, change your filter in your furnace or air conditioner. Both of these things have done this to my tank.
mike - 2010-06-28
My fish had eggs in its mouth what if the mom fish drops the eggs will she pick of the egg or will it die or will it hatch? Just wondering so if anyone can tell me plz thank you.

adelle - 2010-06-24
Ok so my fishy is starting to get black areas on her fins... and a lil on her body just under her top fin... but the concern is... her face has red/pink areas... I don't know if its cos shes sick or not... but its concerning... any help would be great!

NICK - 2010-06-06
We have a 100 liter tank(fresh water) we have angels, tetras, cichlids & some other breeds, and just the other day we bought a black ghost knife. Is it common for electric yellows to attack and try to eat them? We have never had this sort of trouble before.

Anonymous - 2010-05-13
I have another question. First of all, I'd probably actually do 3 females 1 male. Also, I was wondering, is it possible that while a female is holding she could be moved to a tank with small, peaceful fish?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-06-04
    I guess you could but I would not. They get very agressive and territorial at while holding and after for a couple weeks.
Anonymous - 2010-05-12
Is it possible to keep 3 (1 male, 2 female) in a 20 gallon (no other fish). How big are fry when they are spit out? How many fry do they have? Sorry that I didn't have just one question.

Marissa - 2010-05-02
Hi, I have a 29 gallon tank, and want to put Electric Yellow Cichlids in it.
How many yellows could go in and what other cihclid could go with it, or other fish.
I also wanted angels but I don't know if they will go good with each other...
Please answer back.

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  • Ducky - 2010-05-16
    Have around 10 or less amount of electric yellow cichlids and about 8 or less Angel fishes. Blue malavi and other similar fishes are compatible with them. Because yellow cichlids grow up to about 4 inches in about two years, do not overcrowd. Other fast swimmers are also compatible, even gold fishes with short tails. Yellow cichlids will nip the fins of Angels and make them circular, but will not kill them. Keep Collectively under 20 fishes in this tank with filtration. Grow plants to cover about 1/4 of the tank.
f.g. - 2010-04-26
I have an electric yellow cichlid it's name is frank, the steelers fish. It is the most aggressive of all the fish in the tank I have seen it eats other fish alive, bugs, frogs and anything else that happens to tick it off...Peaceful?

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  • elisabeth - 2010-05-02
    You are probably not feeding him.
    I have 2 males in my 33 gallon tank with other fish.
    You would think the males would fight but they never do.
  • lena - 2010-05-13
    They're peaceful for cichlids. In a tropical tank setting they will kill other fish, but compared to other cichlids I've had, these are a dream.
  • Mae - 2010-05-10
    I have a yellow one and it's in constant motion! I do have it with my "grommies" (sp) and it seems to be leaving them far. I moved him from a small tank we'd plan to add more fish and we had one small algae eater with him. He would Not leave the little guy alone and this A.M. I found he had jumped out of the tank in from the small opening in the back of tank on top. BUMMER! kj
  • Pamela - 2010-05-19
    I recently adopted a whole tank of Electric Yellows! My Steeler team, Roth, Parker, Harrison, Tomlinson, etc... ! They are actually babies from some accidental breeding in a friend's tank. When trying to separate only the Yellow labs from the other fish my friend wanted to keep.... none of them were having it! We wanted to thin the tank to prevent crowding but in the end have a mixture of Tetras and Yellow Cichlids with one little zebra cichlid... The tetras are doing okay...but have lost some coloring because the school of labs nibbles at them during feeding! As long as I feed them regularly they typically leave the tetras alone!