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The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is one of the bluest tropical fish, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful!
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Paula - 2010-04-17
I have 5 Cichlids 2 Jack Dempseys, 1 Firemouth, 1 Convct and 1 Albino. They pick up rocks in their mouths and rearrange the tank constantly. They pile gravel in the front sometimes as high as 6-7 inches. Numerous other little piles throughout the tank against the tank wall. It's driving me crazy. Why are they doing that?

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  • matt - 2010-04-20
    Cichlids love to dig. Get used to it. When you clean your tank just fix it. Or you could get bigger rocks. I enjoy watching mine dig. My Midas moves pounds of rocks a day.
  • jon - 2010-06-04
    lol they're decorating the way they like it my oscar and firemouth and jd do it they pick up sand mouth by mouth and move it to a spot move plants rocks sea shells to were they like them and think they look good just the type fish they are.
  • Dan - 2010-06-06
    I believe they are building fish "homes" or breeding areas. I don't disturb it unless I'm vacuuming the gravel.
Jim Van Zoest - 2010-05-21
I have 2 Electric Blue Jack Dempseys. They are each about 2" big. I now have them separated in a "holding" tank because I have a 75 gallon community tank with 4" Jack Dempseys some other 4" cichlids and some other aggressive 3" cichlids. Do you think it is alright to introduce them into the 75 gallon community tank now because they are miserable in the 10 gallon "holding" tank, and I don't think they're eating that much at all. What is your opinion? Thanks, Jim

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  • the fish whisperer - 2010-05-23
    Try it. Make sure you're going to be around for a day or so. Keep a close eye on them and see what happens. Don't feed anything like live or frozen food for about 48 hours. It makes them aggressive to new fish. If they do beat the crap out of each other, I found that a separate tank with MELAFIX works at healing wounds and bruises in 3 days..
  • eve - 2010-05-31
    I had to pull mine out of my 125 ( 6" Black Belt, 4" and 5" Geo's, 6" Clown Loaches). They were all babies together, but he stayed small and the rest grew. He was so scared of the bigger fish, he started hanging out at the top of the tank and not eating his dinner. I put him in my 29gal planted blackwater tank (1 med Angel, 18 neons, 6 micro-cories). He is so happy, he is eating, swimming just for fun and chasing the neons.
Rico - 2009-03-30
Well, I picked up another 2 of these EBJD's and put them in my other community tank. They were right at home immediatley. They are not shy, and were eating out of my hand within a week. My other pair are not that friendly, they're a bit more aggressive. The interesting part is, all four of them know when I arrive and food is on the way.

Rico - 2009-02-23
I just got 2-1" jack Dempseys. They're in my tank with a Gold Gourami, Pearl Gourami, 3 Zebra Loaches and a Rainbow Shark. Funny thing, the Loaches and the Jack Dempsy's are schooling!

kelli - 2007-11-03
When I was trying to decide what kind of tank I wanted to establish, I went to my petstore and in a 33 gallon I saw the Blue JD juvy. I had thought about a salt water tank, but couldn't get that fish out of my mind. So I set up my tank and purchased him/her. I absolutely love watching it! I'm hoping to get another one and start breeding them in the next year or two. We're thinking I have a female. I have her in a 55 gallon with 2 angels and an australian rainbowfish. Other than chasing the rainbowfish every now and again, they are all doing fine. I'm so glad that I got the JD. A little pricey, but well worth it! They're awesome fish to have!