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One of the most popular cichlids, the Convict Cichlid has great coloring and is cheap too!
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Art Anderson - 2009-04-04
I live in Florida and raise both Zebra and Pick Chichlids. I have several outside pounds around my house. Three years ago I started with 4 Zebras and 4 Pinks in a 55 gallon tank. I now have several thousand and sell them to local pet stores in my area. I am trying to bread in a new color species. I have been able develop a pink speckled fish, but I only have 3 of them. I am trying hard to get them to breed.

Anonymous - 2009-03-30
I bought two pairs a year ago for my 40 gallon. One pair immediatly started breeding, although the other didn't. A few months later the non breeding male started breeding with the other pairs former babies! Then both pairs attacked the lonely female to the point she just hid in a corner. We gave her away, and later the other male. One thing for sure is that they are vicious to the point that the not full grown Jack dempsey that is with them is scared to come out EVER, and she is pretty big.

john - 2008-12-17
Well I was give 8 of these Fish, and now I have 40 +. They did this within a week or two. My fish like to attack all my cleaning stuff that I use. My biggest fish is 5 to 6 inches long and is getting bigger. I have problems with him sometimes on account of them attacking each other and other fish, so I think you should be careful with them.

Jordan - 2008-12-13
My two convicts just had babies. I just bought one of the parents and I did not expect them to breed within a week. I'm pretty sure they have had their max amount of babies. :)

Diann Tuttle - 2008-12-09
My youngest child was given some of these fish. They are great because they are easy to care for and are fun to watch. It is very true they are easy to breed. We thought is was really great the first time they bred, but wow, I did not know 2 fish could make so many babies. We have new fish every 3-4 weeks! They are in a 25 gallon tank and wow is it full, we are forever giving them to friends and family. The only problem we really have had is we have been unsuccessful in adding other fish to the tank, they happen to consume almost all other fish added! But, I have to say we have been enjoying them. And, oh yah, they never leave any tank decorations where they are put! It is amazing that those fish can move anything in the tank. They kind of remind me of my mom always rearranging the house! LOL

dale mack - 2008-11-29
question: i purchased 2 convicts just yesterday and put them into my tank full of malawi cichlids, plecos, loaches and synodontis catfish. they were fine in there until my fairly larger "estherae red zebra" decided to be a B*t*h so i took them out set up my 2 footer and popped them in. they are still fine. blah blah. my question is does the male usually harrass the female a bit befor they get to know eachother? at least i think i have a male and a female???? i def. have a male but not sure about the other one???!!! any suggestions??????????????!

cindy - 2008-11-10
I purchased my 3 convict chichlids, through craigs list for 3 dollars each. I brought them home and now there having BABIES!!!!! They're in a 35 gallon aquarium, and now that there having babies I am going to have to get my 55 gallon aquarium set up fast!! If anyone knows anyone in the OKC, OK area and would like to adopt these amazing fish email me at They are truly a remarkable fish and definitely fun to watch!!

Anthony Berry - 2008-09-22
These fish are really cool. I have a male albino and a female reg and they just had babies surprisingly.

Josh Danielson - 2008-07-31
I purchased my convict when she was a little tiny thing. I had 2 others but my dinosaur eel had them for a meal. Now shes about 3 inches long but really thick and tall. Very awesome fish to watch, extremely colorful. She gets along well with all my other fish. She shares a 40 gallon with a blue and a gold guarami, dinosaur eel, 2 plecos, spotted cory, a frog, some other weird looking shark catfish like creature, and a spotted leaf fish. But all in all she's never aggressive with any of them, however she does make sure she gets her fair share of food.

Raul - 2008-07-15
If I knew where you are I will probably adopt some of those "babies".