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The pretty Bolivian Ram is one of the most popular dwarf cichlids due to its ease of maintenance and peaceful demeanor!
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Anonymous - 2008-11-18
I love my Bolivian Ram :) Easy to take care of and he adds a lot to my community tank.

C. A, Pappas: Try Pruess Pets in Lansing, MI. I got mine there and they take wonderful care of their animals.

C. A, Pappas - 2008-08-28
I had a wonderful Bolivian Ram Cichlid in my community tank for a couple years. While not aggressive, he did keep some annoying Red Glass Barbs in line and became the peace keeper of the tank. He was one of the nicest fish in my tank. Unfortunately, I lost him when the filter in my tank malfunctioned and although I would love to replace him, I have not been able to find any wet pet stores in my area (Genesee County, Michigan) who carry Bolivian Rams.