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   With more than 40 different color morphs, the Blunthead Cichlid may actually have a variety for every color of the rainbow!
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terry pergram - 2009-01-02
I have been looking for baby ilangi for months! I need them! I want a group of 6. Do you know where i can get some? do you have any? I have kept and bred several different variations of moorii, including chipimbi, polli, yellow kiesers, double cherry spots, and kachese. I will take very good care of them. I know what I'm doing.

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  • samiran roy,india - 2011-09-02
    You can find them at big aquarium stores at relatively low prices.
  • Dr. Papet - 2012-01-03
    I have many of this babys. They are 4 - 7. I'm living in old Germany, but that isn't a problem. I can sent it with DHL24 in narcotic water. If you want it, please send a Mail. Geetings Heinz Papet
  • suresh - 2014-03-17
    I need the blunthead cichlids.
Lynn Backhaus - 2008-03-29
I have the black variety of tropheus and they are really fun to watch swim and they even seem to play tag. Their swimming is odd, much like the fins of a dolphin they rise and fall. They are fast swimmers and sometimes can stir up the tank when cruising!
They are good parents, but caution is advised because the brooding females sometimes get harrassed. Other than that I find them peaceful and I keep them with other cichlids from Tanganika and Malowi. I feed mine normal flake food and add veggie flake food. I haven't had one bloat yet. My tank has an UG filter with a power flow in one tube. I siphon the gravel once a week which gives them a 25% water change which often seems to encourage them to spawn.