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The pretty Blue Acara is a long time favorite with a good attitude, great for a community cichlid aquarium!
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wayne - 2010-05-03
Does anyone know where I could find blue acara in western canada or a safe supplier?
Has anyone combined them with blood parrots and severums?

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  • Amelia - 2010-10-03
    I have 2 Blue acaras and I have a severum and mine go great together.
  • JB - 2011-09-15
    Hey I have two young blue acaras that are about 2 inches with two severums that are 5-6 inches and have no problems with each other
sikander2894 - 2011-06-21
I found blue acara from a pond nearby my house. It is very beautiful so I put it in my aquarium with koi fish.

gareth - 2010-06-19
Hey I'd like to know if any one has successful breed blue acara x green terror I now have a mating pair of 1 blue acara and 1 green terror I'd like to know if any one out there has breed the 2 before?

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  • Steve - 2011-01-16
    Hey mate I'd be interested in hearing how they turned out. My green terror and blue acara just paired up and laid eggs.
Frankie - 2010-03-02
A pair of my wild caught blue acaras have finally bred! I lowered the water level to 40% volume, waited a couple of days and then raised the water level to 100% over a 2-day period. This triggered the fish into spawning.

frankie - 2010-02-02
I have two pairs of large, wild caught Blue Acaras which have not bred yet. Lots of jaw locking and displaying, but no eggs yet. One of the males is very aggressive to the females, which seems to put the females off breeding. I kept a pair of tank-bred Blue Acaras years ago which bred prolifically.

matthew - 2009-12-27
I have a blue acara with two angels, 2 african cichlids, a pleco, a khuli loach, a blue dragon goby, gold gourami,and a african clawed frog. They all seem to get along fine and he is by far my most favoured fish even more then my eletric blue johanni and red on red zebra

anthony - 2008-08-07
I have a male and a female. They are in with angelfish, gouramis, a mollie, platies, kissing fish, and danios.

Neua - 2006-04-18
I have one very cool Blue Acara. He is doing so great in my tank. He is a very peaceful fish that made alot of friends. He is staying with two red pacus and two firemouths.

Tracy - 2006-02-07
i have two blue acara as well as very many more types and they are by far the best fish ive ever bought. very proud owner.

Sarah G - 2003-11-10
I have a blue Acara who was beaten up very badly by my common walking cat fish (Clarious). I have since found another home for my cat fish and now the Acara is king of the tank! I purchased another one over the weekend. A good strong fish who is great in a community tank. Mine lives with Goramis, Kribensis, and a Firemouth.