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The pretty Blue Acara is a long time favorite with a good attitude, great for a community cichlid aquarium!
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suraj dhanwar - 2012-10-05
Between how many days did they lie eggs. In first breeding ?

Kuldeep - 2003-11-24
I got a pair of Blue Acara which bred twice in the last 40 days ,
but the male ate up the eggs both times after a day or so.
Next time I will be seperating the eggs from the parents .

Wakeem - 2012-09-13
I have a pair of blue acara , I love these fish, I am a little confused over their sex. Is there a big difference in their size. The larger has a squarer head to its slope , however the smaller is more oval rounded like, it is also extremely more darker. Their behaviour to each other is somewhat confusing too sometimes very friendly , the next the larger just Persues the smaller. Can anyone offer any further advice . Thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-14
    Males are larger with extended dorsal and anal fins
  • Wakeem - 2012-09-20
    How about the behaviour . Do they always chase each other around?
Susan - 2005-03-08
they are pretty easy to sex, the female is smaller, lighter and has rounder fins for your information...thank you for your time!

fffddff - 2004-09-05
ihave two blue acaras they bred succesfully and so are the babies

Jason Lee - 2003-08-28
I have 4 blue acaras. They stick together and sometimes even defend the littlest one from the firemouths red devil and the Jack Dempsey most of all. Everyone should have a Blue acara.

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  • Mieke - 2012-05-05
    How big is the tank you are keeping the 4 blue acaras in? Are they two pairs? I am thinking about buying two pairs for my 320 liter tank. Do you think that would be possible?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

Eddie - 2012-07-23
Blue acaras are amazing for american cichlids as I have one in by 320G tank with 5 pearl of likomas, a tropheus moori, 2 rainbow sharks, a red tail shark, 2 koi, a bumblebee catfish, talking cat, pleco, 2 peackocks(midnight and sunfire)and 2 female convicts(and 4 apple snails haha). Never seen fish that get on so well and are so happy ;)) there is so much space for them they never ever fight

Kent - 2003-10-11
I have three acara. They are very peacful and easy to maintain. They are in with a pacu and a red parrot and are doing great.

Sarah - 2010-05-15
I had a breeding pair of blue acaras. These fish were crazy. Once the eggs hatched the female would turn on the male. They would fight over the eggs who ever own never let the other near. I only have the female now she is a mean fish. Eat one of my tetra nipped a few others fins off. Killed off my flag cichlid baby. She eats like a pig, gets mean when she wants to spawn. She will get full of eggs that's when other fish have to watch out. She is almost a year old and 4.5". I keep her with other larger cichlids now.

They will spawn at only 2". To sex look at the fish profile. Males have a square head female have more of a slope. Males get longer fins once mature.females are round too and have a thicker body.

These are not as peacful as some like to tell you. They are bullys and need to be kept with larger fish. Breeding is easy but getting a bounded pair can be hard. It's a nice fish not my fav but still nice. They are outgoing hardy fish.

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  • Jake Hunt - 2012-05-27
    I also had a breeding pair of Acaras. After about a year of constant breeding the female killed the male and literally went a tad insane and laid eggs every week.

    I love this fish but I also had that experience of nastiness.
frank - 2011-11-25
At what stage should the parents be seperated from the babies? Or should they be left with them?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-25
    Scroll up in the article and you will see that the Blue Acara are good parents - unlike many fish that eat their young. You can leave the fry in with their parents. They don't have to be removed. If you remove the fry, they will breed every couple of weeks. Be careful if you remove the fry as probably not a good idea to have them breed that frequently.