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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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kurt - 2010-12-22
I have six blood parrot fish and I enjoy them but I need to know how to breed them. I have other like fish in the tank well the family that they come from once eggs were laid but was later eaten so how can I get the fish to lay more? My tank is at 84 the colors on the fish a bright and orange and they are in a 55 gallon tank.

Nancy - 2008-09-25
Hello anyone who could help me with my blood parrot. I have 4 of them and 3 are large and beautiful and healthy. The 4th was bought at the same time as the others
they are about 4 times his size. He is pale and skinny. It looks as if he can't open
his mouth. I then noticed one of the others is starting to not eat and looks like he can't open his mouth. Is this a possible disease or just normal? Please help if anyone knows.

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  • Mike Henkle - 2010-12-11
    You have 3 males and one female. The female being breed and because these fish are mouth breeders the female cannot eat until after the process is complete. If you only have blood parrots in the tank the males normally are not fertile so you wont get babies the female should act normal after the process but this will repeat an infinite cycle as the males in the tank will continue to try and breed with the female.
SUSANNE - 2010-07-05
I bought 2 parrot fish 2 days ago, and put them in a 55 gallon fish tank with lots of hiding places. The problem is, that they don't come out to eat, what should i do?

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  • Mike Henkle - 2010-12-11
    Mine did the same thing for around 2 weeks. They will eat while you sleep and will come around. If you buy small fish it will build the confidence of your blood parrot a little quicker, but after the parrots get older they will kill those small fish or at least they did in my tank. Hope this helps normal for parrots to hide for the first couple of days if not weeks. It is good that you have them in a pair hopefully it will end up being either a male female or two females two males could be a problem when they get older.
Jero - 2010-11-16
I have 3 orange blood parrots ( I assume ) in one tank that were given to me about 5 years ago. They've been getting on fine except today 2 attacked the one - fins bitten off etc so I've put it separate. What now? Will they continue to do that? If anybody knows, it would be greatly appreciated.

nick - 2010-11-08
I have parrots in a tank with a green terror, fire mouth, and a black convict. The parrot does very well in my tank (55 gallon). He is somewhat aggressive towards the green terror, gets along great with the fire mouth. I don't know much about how it gets along with the convict, only put him in today.. the parrot seems to do fine with big aggressive fish.. I also have a manganese but he's on the other side of a divider because he is way too big to mix with any of my other fish..... fire mouth 2'', green terror 4'', parrot 4'', convict 3'', manganese 10''. in a few months I'll take the divider out and see how things work out.

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  • Gunny Frank G - 2010-11-11
    Nick, I had a Big Manganese when I was stationed in Cali. in the 1980's. I had to give him away because I had orders to the east coast. Broke my heart. Now that I am a newly retired Gunny I am looking for another manganese. Here is my advice though. I had to keep mine in his own tank because he was so aggressive. I imagine he has his fangs by now. Jr. accidently bit my wifes finger while she was feeding him and brought blood. I had him with two Huge Barbs and caught him swimming around the tank with their heads in his mouth. Thank God that the bulging eyes went down when I removed them from his 75 gallon tank. They are definitely the coolest! "Manganese". If you know where I can get a true Manganese please tell me. Thanks and good luck, Frank.
Carol - 2010-08-25
My husband and I have had two Blood Parrots for about 8 years. It is true they really do have great personalities. One of them has been "laying" in the castle for over a month. It comes out of the castle to eat and appears to be fine for a few minutes then right back to the castle. The man who cleans and maintains our tank thinks the fish may have had a stroke? I can't imagine removing it from the tank and just letting it die. Any ideas?

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  • Helen - 2010-09-10
    About a week ago we bought 2 jelly bean parrots and five of their baby's which we have put just the baby's in a separate tank, the father we were told would eat the young but not the mother, anyway our male does the exact same thing so I called the pet store and I too thought maybe he had a stroke not the case, they told me they do that very often from stress it is very common, he will come out of his log chase his mate for a bit and right back in his log and laying sideways anyway that's what I was told.
  • Syd - 2010-10-27
    I have 3 parrots and love them to bits! They do tend to be shy though and will definitely hide. As long as he is eating I wouldn't worry too much about him. I have one that stays in his cave as well and he is very healthy! Good luck.
  • nick - 2010-11-08
    Just leave him be. I have a blood parrot that does the same thing. He does fine in my tank with a green terror, a fire mouth and black convict. He rarely ever comes out of a small hut like decoration I have in the tank, I actually turned it upside down just so I could see him more often. He started swimming around my tank more often in the past few days. Just give your fish some time and I'm sure it will be fine. As long as the other fish in your tank aren't attacking him he should live a fine life.
chelsea - 2010-10-05
Would it be a smart idea to have just one parrot in 10 gallon tank?

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  • Ross - 2010-10-27
    DEFINITELY NOT!!! Blood parrots can grow up to 8" and they grow quickly. For juveniles I would recommend 20G min for a single blood parrot but eventually as he/she grows to full size it will need 55G min with plenty of caves and big enough hiding places.
Joe - 2010-09-27
Question, My blood parrot cichlids are breeding, I know it is very rare for it to be successful but why not have faith. So the female has laid the eggs and the male has fertilized them it has been one day exactly and the eggs are looking the same. How long does it take and how should the eggs look if the fish are not infertile?

Dani Stevens - 2010-08-16
I just bought a blood parrot yesterday to keep my id shark company (he just lost his buddy of 3 years). Rupert is quite small, maybe 2 inches long and very playful. I call this particular type of fish "smiley fish" and have been wanting one for the longest time and finally stumbled upon them yesterday. =] So far he has proved to be a good companion for Walker, even staying by his side while he recovers from one of his fits. (id sharks spook easily and tend to "pass out") i'm very pleased with my decision so far!

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  • ayaz khan - 2010-09-21
    I like parrot flish I want it plz reply me.
massivepaddy - 2010-03-14
I have a 60 litre biorb life tank and have recently added 2 parrot fish to my take that already had a large angelfish and 2 dwarf gourmis.
I have just had to remove my angelfish as the parrots were bullying it so bad. They were pinning it to the side/bottom of tank and biting it. Is this normal, will they do this to any fish i put it the tank?
The angel just seemed to give up and let them tear chunks out.
I thought the tank would be relaxing but i just feel stressed.

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  • fishfancy - 2010-03-17
    I had the same experience with a blood parrot that I recently bought, so I suppose it's normal. I added my blood parrot to my community of a male betta, a pair of swordtails, some zebra danios, rosy barbs and a platy. At first the parrot seemed to be peaceful; but by the second day, he had claimed half of the tank as his territory and was aggressively driving everyone else out. The last straw was when he nipped off nearly all of my betta's lovely fins. At that point, I decided to take the parrot out of the community tank and gave it a tank all to itself.
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-21
    i have a 55 gallon tank with community fish such as 2 bloodfin tetras 2 red rasboras 2 scissor tail fish and a chinese alge eater. i put two parrots in my tank and they are so peaceful. they are so shy i can't beleive they could even be aggressive.i also have two gugppies in this tank.
  • fishieman - 2010-03-25
    Angelfish are the most peaceful of the Cichlids did you check for spawn because if they did it will most likely be infertile and get fungus but they will still guard it fastidiously and kill most tank mates that cannot escape their agression and like most animals each fish has a personality and you probably got the worst of the bunch.
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-26
    If you are having aggression issues with your blood parrots, one thing that I've learned is that if you re-organize the tank ornaments/plants every time they are showing agression, they will be forced to re-claim their territory. This will eventually neutralize the territory. You shouldn't have to do it more than a couple of times depending on the level of agression. Be sure that there are plenty of places for them to hide. They will feel most comfortable this way.
  • Tony - 2010-04-06
    Parrot Fish can either be passive or aggressive. Angelfish are about the same way. Dwarf Gouramis are passive. If a parrot fish is not in a tank where it can have a cave to defend it will be more likely to attack anything in all areas of the tank. Angelfish are usually top swimmers and would do better with a parrot guarding a cave at the bottom of the tank. It works for me but all fish are their unique self, no matter what temperament they are supposed to have.
  • kristin - 2010-04-15
    You'll have to separate them from the community fish. Since the blood parrot is a cichlid, it is aggressive to fish considered community fish.
  • SusanS. - 2010-04-21
    I also have 2 blood parrots, a couple different cichlids, and a shark in my tank, and the blood parrots are the shyest ones, they huddle together in the corner behind some foliage and only come out when they think they will be fed. They never bother any of the other fish.
  • Prateek - 2010-06-04
    Angel fish is not compatible with blood parrot so you should remove angelfish from the tank.
  • urbanlex - 2010-06-04
    Hello, I have a 65 Gallon High Tank. I have 2, 6 inch Parrot Fish mixed with 7 medium to palm sized African frogs, 3 very aggressive African cichlids that have committed murders in the past by sucking the eyes out of an Oscar.

    Two large silver dollars and it worked out well for me. so far everyone is holding their own. The parrot fish are tough guys from what I can see not really aggressive in a bad way more like a survival and pecking order thing. Remember a parrot fish is a cichlid.
  • mark - 2010-06-11
    Gouramis may bite your angel fish and parrots may bump fish usually each other. They can't bite. Get rid of the dwarfs if anything. Parrots suck food in, not eating. Parrots are very stressful fish. Need to hide. Timid. Maybe stay away from cichlids. Don't mix with a frail fish like angels, mollies will work.
  • Anonymous - 2010-06-30
    It's because blood parrots are territorial.
    So they will feel threatened sometimes around other fish, which causes them to be aggressive. It's eat or be eaten in fish world.
  • cara - 2010-07-24
    My parrot fish are fine with fish smaller than it (but not bite size fish), but will beat up fish that are the same size. Also they get very territorial when they are about to lay eggs.
  • punkz zappa - 2010-07-25
    They had this attitude 2 bully other fish esp. when they establish territory in the tank.... so separate them or put a more aggressive cichlids like red ice its fun to watch them running around for their lives don't worry the red ice had this strong endurance.
  • Mango - 2010-08-25
    60 litres is far too small for 2 parrots (:0 sorry I one for like oh here we go another banging on about over stocking etc but, they are getting aggressive because the space they are in is far too small, so if you want a peaceful tank best either up it a lot in size or stick to smaller fish otherwise you'll find you will all be highly stressed out :/ we all learn one way or another lol I've only just realized that parrots eat guppies just found tail hanging out my mango 4 1/2inch yellow parrot (so best not put with small fish unless feeders ) my mum has 6 parrot fish in a 'V Large' tank, with plenty hiding places plants & lots of open space too also in with other fish of all sizes & absolutely wonderful with all no aggression seen at all (other then little kissing nudges when invading each others pot ;) hope all goes well.
  • helen eren - 2010-09-04
    That tank is massively overstocked! 60 litres isn't even enough for 1 angel let alone what you have in there now. Removing the angel is rewarding bad behavior in a way, I have 1 angel and 1 parrot in a 150litre tank and they get on fine due to the space, but really they shouldn't be in the same tank.
  • RougeAgent94 - 2010-09-15
    It depends on how large your Blood Parrots are. Because they cannot close their mouths BP's headbutt other fish and usually kill them by smashing them against the walls of the tank. This usually happens when they are first introduced but usually calm down after a little while. BP's are known to be semi-aggressive so I suggest that you put them with other semi-aggressive fish like Tiger Oscars or perhaps Severums. You can also put Iridescent sharks and tinfoil barbs with them. I would put in some more BP's. The Angel Fish will probably die if you put it back in there because they are so docile.