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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Amy - 2011-01-08
I just bought 2... a orange and a red... I did not know they needed 2 be in such a big tank... I have just the 2 of them in a 3 gallon tank will they be alright in there?

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  • Elizabeth - 2011-01-23
    I think that they might need a much bigger tank, because they get to be pretty big.
  • trint - 2011-01-26
    No you need at least a 30 gallon.
  • Random Peep - 2011-02-21
    NO! That's terrible! These fish have to be in *at least 42-50 Gallons maybe more, they will become very upset and will likely form diseases, so please if possible get a larger tank.
aqua - 2010-09-26
I have a 55 gallon tank and its been pretty well stocked with goldfish the last few years. Recently I added a blood parrot, a tetra, and a molly as well as a cory catfish, a pleco and 2 loaches. There is also a guppy female in there. I have had no problem with aggression from the parrot or anything. The only really aggressive fish in there is my guppy, she only gets along with goldfish and what's in there now. She tried killing my betta and other guppies in the other tank. So as far as parrots go I like mine, he's fun to watch swimming around and interacting with the others. He has a little plant and cave in the middle of the tank he hides in but he seems to like swimming about with everyone else.

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  • Heather - 2011-01-08
    Are your goldfish around the same size as your parrot?
  • katie - 2011-01-23
    I also have added a blood parrot to my tank, I have an Oscar, a pleco, and a silver looking fish. They all get along very well, I have them in a 55 gallon tank. The blood parrot fish is the smallest of them all and has no problems. I do enjoy watching him, he brings color and caricature to the tank.
  • Carl - 2011-02-13
    We have a 90gal tank with 2 Parrots who are both about 6 -7 inches long , 3 black neon tetras,3 hatchet tetras,3 tetras I can't recall the names of, 2 clown loaches,1-10 inch Pleco, 2 of the bubbly headed goldfish, (forget their names at the moment ) and we have had several other Parrots over about 5 years and have yet to see even one be aggressive and as you say with the shape of the mouth they couldn't eat them anyway.
    Every pet store we visit tells us that parrots will kill and eat all the smaller fish.
  • jitra - 2011-02-18
    You are lucky, my biggest parrot is so aggressive. He attacks my comets, malawi cichlid [supposed to die from the kiss], trees, stone on the floor, even my hand [when clean the tank] but I like him most in my 4 parrots, I understand his moody &defensive of territory nature.
tracy - 2011-02-13
I have two pink parrots, and I woke up one morning and looked in the tank , something looked different, as I took a closer look, I could see hundreds of baby fish, I have removed my electrics and all the other fish, in less than 24 hours the babies have almost doubled in size, both parents are pink in color and as I look closer at the babies, I see a pinkish tone to them, quite a few got eaten, but for the remaining ones they are doing quite well, will find out for sure in a couple of days.

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  • mak - 2011-02-15
    What a differences are male of female?

    plz. tell me.........
ROMAN - 2011-02-06
I have 6 parrot fish 1 big orange 1 small 1 big red 1 small and 2 small blue parrot my problem is I don't know what is the male and female because I try to breed my big orange and big red parrot but the egg turn to white because it was not fertile by the male my problem is if they are both female should I buy one male?
plsss help me to know their sexes? :(

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  • Richard - 2011-02-06
    You may still have a male with her, unfortunately not all male Parrots are fertile. Or your male may be a Jellybean or a bubblegum, does he have a beak or a mouth? I have several baby parrot and regular convict hybrids, very pretty fish that won't need to be dyed. They have very nice looking bands, and so many different patterns.
Roy - 2011-01-29
Please Help!

I bought 4 blood parrot fish. All medium size. Together, they live with 2 angelfish which are the same size as well.

The problem is they all hide behind the rocks most of the time. They act very nervous when I walk near them.

While I know their natures are very shy but they all were very friendly and swim to the front of the tank when I bought them.

Temperature and water quality is normal.

Any suggestion to cure or to reduce the shyness?

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  • mandy - 2011-01-30
    If the tank is in the living room or a high traffic area. Try moving the tank to a corner of the room and as high as you can get it. They like to look down on you. Eye level is perfect because they like to see your face not your hips. This should help with the shyness.
  • ROMAN - 2011-02-06
    Think it is normal because it is also happened to my parrot fish
    but don't worry a few days it will go out by its own and if you are doing this please stop catching the parrot without any reason because you might scare them or stress them if you are doing this.
  • A - 2011-02-05
    When I first got my two they did the same thing. Mine is in my living room, next to my front door. After a couple of weeks they started coming out slowly and now they follow anybody who walks by the tank!
Trinity - 2011-01-23
I'm about to buy 4 baby bloody parrots (so weird they're brown, gray), because they just looked so cute, but as I heard, they need a lot of space and I was wondering will they all be okay in my 43 gallons tank?

Ann Boyd - 2011-01-19
I inherited a 55 gal tank with 2 plecos and 1 orange blood parrot -The blood parrot is 5 in long and would constantly headbutt the plecos they are about 6 inches or so -we ended up giving away the plecos and looking to put another fish in the tank should the fish all be about the same size? Where can I find a big blood parrot to be her buddy?

glanfamily - 2011-01-16
I have two parrot fish that I received for my birthday 4 years ago. They are so much fun. The 75 gallon aquarium is located in my family room and the fish are constantly watching us. They even swim on the side of the tank that is closest to the nearest human in the room. They are always trying to get our attention since they know we provide the food. They get so excited when someone comes near the tank. As someone previously stated, it is like having two devoted dogs with all their tails wagging. These fish are fun!

Jb - 2011-01-03
Can I add 1 Blood parrot in my 150 gallon community tank with 4 angels, 1 firemouth, 5 serpaes, 6 blackskirts, 6 buenos aires, 3 blue gouramis, 1 balashark, 1
Dojo loach, 1 sailfin pleco and 1 chocolate pleco?

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  • Sean and Lars - 2011-01-10
    We just made the same mistake. Our fish were lethargic for the past week since we've gotten them. They wanted to hide and stayed at the bottom of the tank, only came up for feeding. We had a 5.5 gal tank. Looked online and realized BP's need at least a 30 gallon tank for one, 55 for two is substantial. We went on Craigs list and found a cheap tank with a heater, bubble tank, and accessories for only 85 bucks. IMMEDIATELY our fish have perked up and have been swimming excitedly around the tank.
Alana - 2010-03-05
I recently got 2 bright orange parrot fish that are about 2 years old and I have been told that they are fully grown. I have not seen any aggressive behavior out of them whatsoever. I have put one tinfoil barb that is about 4 inches long in with them, they headbutted the new guy for just a couple minutes and now really couldn't care less that they have aquired a tankmate. I am now curious as to what other kinds of fish I can put in there. I have read so many different things about what types of fish would get along. I am hesitant to put large aggressive fish in there. If anyone could offer some suggestions that would be great. Thanks

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  • vicki - 2010-03-07
    i have 2 parrot fish also/ they get along with bigger tetras/ i have high fin serpa and just got a silver dollar today cause i saw other people had them together / they did eat my glass catfish / it helps to put in something to hide in when you add fish / i have 2 coffee mugs/ 1 for each parrot as this distracts them to new fish/
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-12
    We have a 74 gallon tank with 5 mid size jelly bean parrots and they have shared the tank with a Jack Dempsey and a pleco. They have been living peacefully for the last two years.
  • Brittany - 2010-04-04
    If you haven't gotten any answers... you can put angel fish... :)
  • stephen - 2010-04-20
    I have two parrotfish in my 60 gallon with red tail sharks, blue gouramis, blue moon platies, 2 eels, a pleco, and a new addition a lonely little texas cichlid. I have no problems I keep my temperature at about 80 and weekly water changes of about 30%. I recently noticed that the little texan is becoming real good friends with the parrots. And to my surprise it looks like the texan and parrot are doing the mating dance. I'll keep you up to date on how that works out. Cheers.
  • Caitlin - 2010-04-22
    Hello: Parrot fish are very docile and can live in a community tank just fine so they're awesome for a community tank as not many community fish get very big! :) Since you have the tinfoil barb and they get rather large, and are also considered semi-aggressive, I would stick to a semi-aggressive tank. Angelfish (as long as they are larger), Silver Dollars (prefer to be in groups of 3 so I'd only suggest these guys if you have a rather large aquarium) would be a nice addition to your tank as well as bala, red-tailed, or rainbow sharks. If you were thinking about bottom feeders, I'd probably recommend a clown loach for the cleaning of leftover food and waste on the bottom of your tank, only because clown loaches get a little larger than most loaches, so they'd be able to live peacefully with other larger fish (parrots & tinfoil barb). Also, if you're looking for a fish to help with algae, I'd suggest a regular pleco because they stay on the larger-side as well, and the good thing about plecos is if they get TOO large, a pond-owner would gladly take it off your hands as they can live in a pond when they are large as well.
    As far as the headbutting goes at the introduction of a new fish, if it happens longer than a couple minutes, try switching the decorations around in your tank so it's sort of "free ground" for the new guys as any fish (aggressive or not) can get a little territorial from time to time with new roommates.
    Sounds like you've got a nice aquarium coming along! Good Luck!
  • Connie - 2010-04-23
    It depends how big your tank is? Tinfoil barbs get HUGE I mean you will need a 120 gallon or bigger for these guys and they like to be kept in groups of 3 or more.
    Right now I have 3 parrot fish and 1 is the size of a large mans hand they really do need space as they will get large too but dont need as much room as the tinfoil barbs do.
    I have a 120 gallon with 3 parrot fish, 3 tinfoils, a T-barb (which is HUGE) a vampire pleco, a bristlenose pleco, a striped raphael catfish and a few other cats and a couple yo-yo loaches.
  • Cher - 2010-05-08
    I have a tank with 4 blood parrot fish and I've added 2 green severums, 2 gold severums, 1 red streak severum, and two red devils. They're all getting along really well. Occasionally they would run after a smaller fish for short periods but they don't cause any harm to each other.
  • Prateek - 2010-06-04
    You can put oscars of slightly smaller than the blood parrot as they have a very large mouth compared to blood parrot .
  • cd - 2010-06-26
    I have used several different tankmates for my red blood parrots:
    silver dollars, mickey mouse rosy barbs,and australian rainbow barbs all with success. Good luck.

  • wanda - 2010-07-31
    I am by no means a pro but I have researched and read a lot many things 1)they are compatible with angel fish if around the same size.(angel might be a little aggressive and only at feeding my experience) 2)loches, plecos. I have 3 parrot fish yellow, blue, and green 1 black lace angel fish 1clown loach 1pleco and 1 elephant nose, 1 red discus, and they are wonderful it is so sweet to watch the harmony in the tank. They all use about the same temperature 80 to 82 PH is about the same 6-7.2 alla re shy non-aggressive fish except for the angel but so far I've seen no evidence of that but what you put in the tank is key. They need places to hide a tube or type of tunnel for the elephant nose to hide, soft plants or rock or cave like structure for parrots to hide push items toward back of tank but make sure they can pas smoothly, leave front area from side to side for swimming room always add some aquarium salt and I like to keep a sack of ammo chips in the tank to maintain a balanced PH. Well that's all for now. Good luck.
  • babak - 2010-09-27
    Dear alana, I suggest you the severum. But if you choose a severum that is a little bit smaller than the parrots it would be better. Read more about severums, I am sure you will enjoy having this fish.
  • kris - 2010-10-17
    Read above........ "They can be kept with Angelfish, peaceful catfish such as Corydoras and Glass Catfish, Kuhli Loaches, Swordtails, Tetras, Plecostomus, and Silver Dollars."
  • Nick - 2010-10-18
    Haha well I have a few different fish with these Blood Parrots. I have 6 Bala Sharks, 3 Catfish, 1 Placo Fish, A Red Tailed Shark (Catfish), 2 Eels, and the three Blood Parrots. And they all seem to get along just fine.
  • daksh - 2010-12-16
    you could try oscars
  • monty - 2011-01-04
    See friend parrot is basically a chichlid so you can keep varieties of chichlid fishes
    you can keep koi fish as these are calm fishes not the aggresive one.......!
  • billy - 2011-01-05
    I got 2bright orange parrot and it's only 1 year old but I have notice that its behavior is agressive. But I got 2 oscars, dragon fin and a golden shark as its tankmate.